Everything you need to know about Wendy Fiore

Wendy Fiore is a supermodel who is now 36 years old. She was born in Downers Grove Chicago. She has a great number of followers on social media. She is partly Polish and Partly Italian. This heritage made her very beautiful and she became popular very easily.

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About Wendy Fiore

Her date of birth is 21 December 1983. Her descent is Italian and Polish but later she chose Roman Catholic as her religion. She has a lot of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Her Stepfather

Bud Asher is her stepfather who is a former football coach. Now he has become a politician. He is a mayor of Daytona Beach. Her stepfather was very good to her and he and her mother nurtured her on good care. Her mother is a dressmaker and she also influenced Wendy’s life. Her mother wanted her to be a fashion designer but Wendy chose modeling as her career. There were some problems in her family due to which she opted to live in America.

Her private life and net worth

Her modeling life and social media made her net worth up to $400,000. She always keeps updating her social media accounts with her enjoyable life. Surreal Chicago is the modeling company in which she works.

There are no clues about her live life though there are rumors that she has a relationship with many persons. Her decision of not making her love life public is the reason that nobody knows whether she is in relationship or dating with anybody. She is not yet married and has no children so single males are around her for marriage.

Porn Star Profile

The shape of her body is hourglass and very few people know that she is a retired porn star. She earned a lot of fame wither porn star profile. She has got many fans because of being a porn star.

Her Body

The lifestyle of the model is lavish and it includes sexy clothing which most parts of her body. The clothing is also the reason for her fame. She always entertains the media with her fashion. Her height is 5 feet 5 inch and weight is 70 kg. The body measures 32-27-38.

There are some pictures in which the clothes that she has worn have been designed by her.


There are two pseudonyms used by her, which include Party Girl and Wendy4. She also studied fashion and business but quitted them to make a career in the field of modeling. She has not completed her studies, chose modeling as her career. She started her career as a model in 2010 and small projects and offers were the part of her initial part of the career. She got fame after making an account on Twitter and Instagram and updating her pictures. It has been estimated that her Instagram profile has half a million followers while the Twitter account has 110,000 followers.

She also has made an account on MySpace in which there are 50,000. This is her first account on the internet, which was created in 2006. Actiongirls and SportsbyBrooks are other websites where she has made accounts. Besides these, she owns a website called Wendy4 where people can find her nude pictures.

Personal Life

There is no information about her real father but Bud Asher is her stepfather who is a former football coach and also a politician. She only likes her two gay male friends but she has no love for other males. She does not have any contact with any males on social media. Another fact is that she works only with female photographers. There is a video in which Wendy was flirting with a woman and so people started calling her lesbian. The video was banned on the internet. She also has posted some pictures with a woman and people think that she is her girlfriend and they were married in 2015 though there is no proof of the marriage.

Her Favorite Actor

Johnny Depp is her favorite actor and Jimmy Butler is another person of whom she is a fan. Jimmy is an NBA player. Travelling is her hobby and her favorite destination is South Africa. She has also shown interest in politics as her stepfather is a politician. Other liking include wine and painting. She also loves to spend time with her family. She loves helping people suffering from Crohn’s disease.

Instagram , Facebook & Twitter accounts


You can also follow her on twitter however that account is protected and post won’t be available for public view.

Wrapping Up

She is a very popular American model who has got a lot of followers on different social media accounts. In some of the followers are in thousands while in others the count goes to millions. Nobody knows about her love life though a picture with a woman has speculated that she is her girl friend and both of them were married in 2015 but there is no proof. Currently, she is on the peak of her career, which will increase her net worth.

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