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Are you a big follower of the show ‘The Walking Dead’? The show was aired on the date 13 February 2017. If you are the big fan of this show, you must watch the ending parts of this for sure which actually shows – “In Loving Memory of James Heltibridle”. For sure, people who saw this wondered – “Who is James Heltibridle”. In this article, we will let you know each and everything about the famous personality James Heltibridle.

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Who is James Heltibridle?

James Heltibridle was a filmmaker. He was passed away in the year of 2016. You observe very little proceedings of his way of life on the internet. Thus, it can be finally understood that he was not very popular awaiting his death until an episode of the well-liked series The Walking Dead, Season 7 was finally dedicated to James.

James was born on 29 November 1988. His birthplace was the USA and his birth sign was Sagittarius. He was the person of American nationality. Moreover, James belongs to white ethnicity.

In spite of all this, there is not any type of disclosure has been intended in this respect about his education and childhood life. Though, James Heltibridle had given a statement that he was studied in North Carolina School of the Arts. Similarly, he got specialized education in the field of SketchUp Modeling, Art Direction, and Visual merchandising.

Moreover, he was graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in film production & production design in the year of 2013.

James Heltibridle’s Achievements as a Film maker

James Heltibridle was a famous and sparkling director until James passes away. He directed ‘n’ numbers of movies & attain numerous positive feedbacks during his entire life.

In addition, James also delivered his brainy knowledge as the production designer on various short movies such as ‘The Robot’ and ‘Memories and Death’ in the year of 2013 & 2012 respectively. During his entire lifetime, James was known as the dedicated & extremely hardworking filmmaker. Moreover, James also worked in the Art department and Transportation department. And, this shows that he was pleased in his job & wanted to perform more & more in his life. He worked as an art director in ‘Venison Eaters’. Moreover, he worked in the Transportation Department in ‘Dust Devils’.

Cause of James Heltibridle’s death

Regretfully speaking, James Heltibridle is no more. His fans were in shock after his death. His death gave sourness, to entire Hollywood World. The kind and dedicated filmmaker died on 10 November 2016.

James was passed away due to a grave car accident while he was going to his home from the set of ‘The Walking Dead’. He was a great part of this TV show (The Walking Dead). And, the other media persons, actors, and many other people of this show convey his condolence.

However, the hard worker – James Heltibridle is no more now. But, he is and he will always be remembered. He is a great director having a unique directing style which will be admired by everyone. Moreover, the upcoming directors will also learn a lot from James and follow the same path as that of James.

His net worth & Revenue

James Heltibridle is a great director and had the predictable net of worth approximately $1 million. Even though, the accurate salary of James was never disclosed. According to estimation, he definitely earned in 6 digits. Similarly, he also earned a lot of money from various kinds of endorsements deals & sponsorships.

According to the sources, his average salary as a filmmaker ranges approx from $44.34/hour to $92.22k/year. Likewise, James definitely earned average as according to his experience. He was living in a lavish lifestyle, at the time of death.

James Heltibridle’s Height and Weight

James Heltibridle height was average, matching with his body weight. He had dark brown color eyes and light brown color hairs. Moreover, there is no other information about his other body measurements. He was not updated on social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Bottom Line

It was all about James Heltibridle. He is no more now. But, he will always remember as a great director of the Hollywood world.

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