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This is the age of information and it has produced many professionals who are doing great work in relation to computers and the internet. People have used the internet through social media and other websites in order to express themselves. They have achieved so much fame that they are being considered as the internet starts. Timmy Thick is one such star who has gained popularity through his Instagram page. The page was banned as she posted some contents, which were inappropriate. Let us know about his family, age, career and other things in his life.

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Timmy was born in 21st August 2002 in the city of New York USA. He has gained popularity through Instagram and YouTube. He can also be found on various other social media websites.

Early life, education, parents

He has hidden his real name though there are some reports in which reveal that his real name is Justin. Facts about his early life and parents are unknown as Timmy never revealed anything. He also has not revealed about his siblings. Regarding his education, nobody has knowledge about that also.


Timmy started his Instagram page in 2016 in which he uploaded some videos, which he recorded himself. He also uploaded provocative pictures. His physique was good and people were attracted towards him. There was a time when got more than 40,000 followers on his page.

There were many haters too ho gave negative comments on his pictures and videos which led to the banning of his page. Timmy may start his Instagram page again. He also has started a page on Twitter in which he got thousands of followers in 2018.

His fan following started because of the statement he made. The statement was Timmy Thick was a Harvard experiment. His Twitter page was also blocked but he again opened a page and has only 2,000 followers. He is still an internet star and is loved as well as hated by many people. That is the reason he is called a controversial internet star. But all these controversies helped him on becoming rich.

Controversial statement

In the month of March this year, he posted a statement that “Timmy Thick was a 24-month sociological study conducted by the Harvard University”. We now complete with our study. Timmy disappeared after making this tweet and his followers thought about his disappearance. He has appeared again on the Twitter page. People think that there is some controversy theory behind his disappearance and reappearance.

Timmy Thick Net Worth

Timmy Thick has become rich because of his popularity over the internet. Some sources have told that his net worth is $30,000 and his annual income is $15,000. It has been estimated that his income will grow as his career is going on successfully.

Personal life

Many things about his personal life are hidden. The only thing people know is his tweets and messages along with the pictures and videos that he posts. He sometimes dresses as a female. Nobody knows about his sexual relation nor his boyfriend or girlfriend. Some people think he is gay while others think he is not. When he goes for a date, nobody knows whether he is going with a male or a female companion. All these things prove that he is a mysterious fellow. Some reports say that he is not dating with any type of companion whether male or female.


The lower part of his body is very thick and his height is 1.52 meters. He weighs 48 kg. Other things about his body and figure are not known. People can guess them with the pictures and videos that he posts.

Final Conclusion

It can be concluded that Timmy Thick is a mysterious person as many things about him is unknown. Nobody knows about his family, siblings, physique, relationships, sexual life, etc. The things that are known are that he is a controversial internet star who has posted many things on his Instagram and Twitter pages. Some content was inappropriate due to which the pages were turned down. But now he can be seen on Twitter again. He has earned a lot of money and it has been estimated that his income and career will grow further.

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