All you need to know about Pete Delkus

Pete Delkus is one of the popular meteorologists in America. He is proficient in telling the forecast of the weather. Due to this, he has become very famous in the USA and outside. He has earned love and respect from the people of America.

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His birth

Pete was born on 4th September 1965 and has white ancestry. His place of birth is Centreville, Illinois. His official name is Pete William Delkus and now he is 53 years old. Very little information is available about his parents and siblings.

His early life and education

The details regarding the childhood of Pete is not available. As far as his educational life is concerned, he joined Southern Illinois University after completing his primary and secondary education. The completed his graduation from this university as a Bachelor of Science in Radio, TV, and Film. After graduation, he did post-graduation and earned a master degree in Meteorology. He got his master degree from Mississippi University. He also did many other courses and got all his certificates from the American Meteorological Society. All this certification helped him in becoming a popular meteorologist.

Personal information

The most important physical feature of Pete is his height which is 6 feet 3 inches and his weight is proportional to his height. Another feature of his body is his eyes which are blue in color. Not many details about his physique are available.


Pete started his career as a basketball player and was known as a skilled pitcher. He has an interest in sports when he was very young. When he was in his teens, he became an amateur player. During his studies at the university, he practiced the game and became one of the best players. He represented his campus in various competitions when he was in Southern Illinois University.

After completing the graduation, Pete joined Minnesota Twins organization where he played a lot of competitions and won various awards and titles. After that, he came into the field of meteorology and started working for WFTV in Orlando, Florida. The next organization that he joined was WCPO-TV in 1996. The company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Here he worked in the meteorological department. He worked in this company till 2005. He was so efficient in the job that people used to call him severe weather leader. One of his popular coverage was the Tornado of 1999.

The next company that he joined was WFAA TV. Here he was designated as Chief Meteorologist. Before this, he was granted the designation of a weather forecaster and he has to cover only North Texas. When the company saw his enthusiasm and efficiency, many roles were granted to him. He later covered many types of weather like floods, tornadoes, etc. he left the company in November 2012.

Awards and Titles won by Pete Delkus

While working in WCPO-TV, the company saw is weather forecast skills and gave him the Associated Press Award. He grabbed 15 Emmy Awards while working in WFAA which include the following.

  • Outstanding Weathercast
  • Outstanding Host of Special Event Coverage
  • Outstanding Host of a News Special

He also won Best Weathercast in Texas and the award was given by Associated Press.

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Salary and property of Pete Delkus

Nobody knows the amount he gets as a salary but with that, he can keep himself and his family comfortable. The details about his property are also unknown.

Family of Pete Delkus

Jacque Delkus is the wife of Pete and their married life has covered an era of 25 years. In spite of his busy career, he spends a good amount of time with his family. Peter Delkus is his son and Emily Delkus his daughter. Dallas is the place where the whole family is residing now. The couple of Pete and Jacque celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2016.


One of the favorite hobbies of Pete is singing. Many people do not know that he is a singer He used to the song at a church when he was very young. He also dreamt to be a singer. In his leisure time, he listens to music and also sings. Pete is also available on social media. He has made his accounts on Facebook and Twitter and he has many followers in both these accounts. He is still loved for his weather forecast.

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