Why is Parental Control important?

A staggering 82% of kids are exposed to inappropriate content before their 11th birthday. Alarming right? Thanks to technology, our lives are much more seamless. Our communication is efficient, and we can see advancements in businesses and economies.

However, the internet has a dark side. Even though it is an ocean of immense knowledge for our kids, it’s also a breeding ground for all sorts of vices. In this techie era, it’s a headache keeping your kids away from the grasp of the internet.

With social media addiction and cyberbullying becoming rife among kids and teens, it has never been more essential for parents to be vigilant about the safety of their kids online. So how do you bulletproof your kids’ activities online?

Parental control.

Why enforce parental control? With parental control apps, you can monitor your child’s activities online and protect them from online predators. There are tons of reasons why parental control is vital. Read on.

  1. Ensure online safety

Do you have poor online habits? If so, you are the best prey for cybercriminals.  Children are at high risk of cyberbullying through text messages and social media platforms.

 As they grow and become curious to explore things, they may unknowingly engage in risky online activities. And disclose sensitive information which could put them in harm’s way.

Parental control app such as KidSecured allows you to access incoming and outgoing calls and messages through Tinder, Viber, or GSM. This way, you have complete access and control over your kid’s conversations with their friends.

 With advanced parental control programs, you can also monitor your kid’s social profiles and emails. This comes in handy, especially when you are concerned about your kid’s online conversations or activities. Parental controls allow you to flag down any questionable conversation or online predator.

  • Protect kids from malicious content

Questionable content is rampant online, and it’s a daunting task trying to shield your child from it. But all hope is not lost. Parental controls allow you to restrict access to inappropriate content in real-time and keep your child safe on the net.

YouTube’s age restriction feature prevents your kids from viewing adult content. Google’s SafeSearch helps you to manage your search results by blocking age-inappropriate content, including explicit images, websites, and videos from search results. Provide your kids with a secure shield when online.

Also, talk to your kids about what’s appropriate or inappropriate for their age. Effective and open communication is your first line of defense in parenting.

  • Set screen time limits

How many times do you meet an adult glued to their device for hours wholly detached from their surroundings? Well, screen time also hurts kids. When screen time becomes an all-consuming activity, kids and teens tend to develop poor eyesight, lack of quality sleep, bad posture, and low grades.

To enforce a healthy lifestyle and prevent screen media addiction in kids, it is essential you limit screen time. But what matters most is whether screen time affects other areas of their lives.

If your child is having a hard time breaking free from their favorite video game, then you need to enforce a digital detox.

With parental control features, you can set time limits for your kids to access the internet. Initiate activities that will bond you together like picnics, cooking, or cycling classes while ungluing them from the net.

  • Limit downloads and secure your devices

Kids are the prime targets of hackers and cybercriminals. Why? They are more likely to download apps and programs loaded with viruses and malware in the guise of being genuine.

This can lead to your data being leaked and allow unauthorized access to your confidential information like bank accounts, passwords, or social media accounts. The viruses can also cause operational problems on your devices. With parental control, you can block downloads from suspicious sources and keep your network free from viruses and malware.

  • Back up data

Kids often use the internet to research and write their school projects. It is therefore essential to back up this information in a secure place. Educate your kids on the importance of backing up data, including their photos and video. Most of the time they also download youtube videos while searching their school assignment

There are tons of free software programs online that allow you to store your information, but viruses and malware infect a majority.

Choose reliablebackup software for your data and memories. Back up is essential as phones tend to get stolen, fall into the water, break or reach their practical limit and die. Ensure you protect your digital memories with a secure backup.


  • Track your child’s location

With GPS apps, you can keep an eye on your kid’s location at all times. This way, you can know whether they are safe, they are where they are supposed to be, and in case of an emergency, you can reach out to them fast.

For GPS tracking or location feature to function, your phone needs to be on at all times. We advise you also educate your kids about safety measures. In case a stranger wants to meet them, they should decline. Assist them also to install privacy settings on their online accounts.

  • For peace of mind

A reliable parental control app functions like a surrogate parent. It gives you peace of mind knowing your child is in safe hands. Parents can feel more confident with their kids being online.

As a parent, it is natural to want to protect your kids and keep them away from harm’s way. Having full control over their devices and online activities is one way to do this. Parental control offers parents great relief. No more stressing over the well being and safety of your kids online.

Bottom line:

Parenting in this digital age is a nightmare. Parents can relate. Advancements in tech present parents with new challenges to deal with and protecting your kids from online dangers is critical. You can’t be available to watch your kids at all times, and that’s why parental controls make parenting easy. Monitor your child’s activities anywhere, anytime.

It is essential to give your kids digital freedom but also to establish the boundaries of this freedom. Parental controls can help both parents and children to navigate the digital world smoothly.

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