Understanding in depth about pregnancy tests

A couple of types of pregnancy tests are there, one of them uses a urine sample and other presence of blood. Both these tests operate on the principle of detecting HCG hormone. This is incorporated by the placenta when the embryo attaches to the lining of the uterus. A rapid shift in the hormone levels is the main cause of pregnancy symptoms.

Urine test

In the tools for pregnancy test, this has a lot of takers. You can undertake this test in a couple of ways as this can be performed at a clinic or doctors chamber. The first method means you have to collect urine in a cup with the aid of an eyedropper. The second option has to be placing the stick into the urine midstream

The tests tend to vary in length and depend on how long you have to wait for results. A change in colour or a line formation points to positive results. All the tests are available with instructions as you need to follow them with perfection in order to obtain positive results.

Most doctors suggest that you wait for the first date after your missed period in order to appear for this test. After conception it is a couple of weeks later. There are certain tests that are more sensitive as you can go on to appear for them earlier.

If the test is done earlier or in an incorrect manner the results will not be accurate. If the results show negative and still you are showing symptoms of pregnancy, like fatigue or missed period then wait for a week and get in touch with your doctor. As part of the pregnancy test tool kit they are going to ask you to opt for a blood test.

Blood tests

There are a couple of blood tests. The quantitative blood test is going to help you detect the exact amount of HCG in blood and the qualitative that is only going to specify a yes or no to levels of HCG found in blood.

The main benefit of a pregnancy test is it is much earlier to detect pregnancy status as compared to a urine test. It is only going to take 7 to 12 days after conception. Though if a negative result is obtained this test has to be repeated for a missed period. As the exact amount of HCG in blood is provided this would be beneficial for your health care provider in solving any problems in the future

There are some drawbacks of a blood test as well. First is the cost involved in such tests as this would depend upon one clinic to another and secondly the result take a lot longer and finally this test is possible only to be done at a doctors chamber.

Did You Know!

A positive test (pregnant) outcome is said to be almost certainly correct. When it comes to a negative (not pregnant) outcome is said to be less reliable. But, women who still think that they are pregnant after a negative outcome, they should wait a few days and try again. Once you got pregnant, try this advanced pregnancy calculatorwill providing you the pregnancy week by week highlights, details about pregnancy trimesters, and also tells about your estimated due date of pregnancy.


A negative result does not mean that you are not pregnant, it showcases the fact you might have gone on to take the test earlier. Since pregnancy tests vary in intensity you need to figure out when exactly to be taking the test.

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