The importance of health insurance in Thailand

For many people Thailand is a dream holiday destination its long list of attractions. 40 million tourists were estimated to have visited the Land of Smiles in 2019, with numbers are now returning following the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Others decide to make Thailand their home. Some arrive to work, but the majority opt for all its charm and chilled out lifestyle to relax in the country and enjoy their later life. Whatever your reasons or length of time for visiting Thailand, health insurance is an absolute must. Let’s have a look into the need and offer some advice.

The risks caused by accident

There is endless fun to be had in Thailand, with many deciding to get about by motorcycle or scooter. This highly popular mode of transport does carry risks, with the accident count sometimes high.

Perhaps you may wish to have fun by the seaside. Once in holiday mode many inhibitions can disappear and with it risk management. It easily happens and quite often nobody is to blame but imagine lying in hospital after something such as a jet ski accident without sufficient insurance. Speaking to experts about Thailand health insurance is an absolute necessity.

2004 saw a calamitous tsunami hit Thailand in which thousands of people lost their lives with many more suffering terrible injuries. Nobody could have accounted for the disaster, but health and travel insurance can ease some of the burden.

Unaccounted outside factors

Very few people were aware of the threat of a worldwide pandemic, and COVID-19 with all its associated debilitating health consequences will undoubtedly have caught people out when it came to adequate cover. Remaining healthy and using sensible advice can help many, but not for those requiring hospital treatment. Insurance was their salvation.

Deciding to live in Thailand?

There are no public health insurance schemes if you are not a Thai national. It is completely your responsibility to be covered and to take care of yourself. This is an extremely important factor to consider when deciding to make your move.

Most people looking to put their feet up in the country will apply for a Non-Immigrant O-Long Stay Visa, which you must be over 50 years of age to obtain. Your health at that age is certainly not what it was in your younger days, and therefore offers a greater risk of sudden illness or worsening conditions.

There are countless stories of retirees not having adequate insurance with some horrifying tales of the aftermath. It is essential that you are covered for your own peace of mind to cover any underlying health issues or accidents, which can also be more common as we get older.

Plan your stay in Thailand thoroughly

Thailand offers the holiday of a lifetime or a dream place to retire, but make sure you research and plan properly in advance.

Most importantly, research and speak to the experts to ensure that you are properly insured to cover all eventualities so you can go out and have the fun you deserve.

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