Naya Rivera captions: “Only right” posing topless on a hot photoshoot

Social media is clogged with influencer’s, celebrities, politicians, and all those high profile individuals. Whenever there is an upload by such individuals the internet loses it. There is something certainly happening in social media that attracted a lot of buzzes. Naya Rivera is an American actress, singer, and model, she is extremely talented, gorgeous, and has starred in many national commercials. She is also well known for appearing in Glee, a musical comedy show that aired for 6 seasons.

Naya made her fans crazy by going topless on Instagram on Thursday, May 9, she was seen in a sultry of black-and-white portraits reportedly clicked by talented photographer Tyler Kandel. She captioned the posing topless as “It’s only right “.

Following the caption, Rivera told her followers that she and Kandel were inspired by and trying to emulate the work of one famed photographer Peter Lindbergh. The main objective for their photoshoot was to snap pictures without any studio effects or artificial assistance. The results were beautifully come out with natural photos with zero makeup, natural light, and hair. She thanked Kandel Studios for these amazing pictures.

Even without her semi-nude photoshoots, she has been fairly busy lately, as she is tangled in the filming of the TV series Step Up: High Water while taking care of her 3-year-old son Josey, her son with ex-husband Ryan Dorsey.

During an interview with the author of Sorry Not Sorry, it has been revealed to US Weekly that she diligently balances her YouTube Premium show with that of her daily life. Though it is a lot of ups and downs, back and forth she is lucky enough to have given a schedule such that she can take some time out of her busy life to care for her 3-year-old son. Life as a celebrity can be tough but family always comes first.

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