How Can You Pay Off Sleep Debt

It is not exactly fun or a good feeling to be in debt and there is not a single individual who wants to be in sleep debt. If you do not get enough sleep during the night, it can lead to serious consequences to both your mental as well as physical well being. The first thing that you have to understand is why you have a sleep debt. Most people feel extremely sleepy even after sleeping at night. However, you need to understand that sleeping is not enough; you need to get enough sleep so that your body gets the rest that it requires. The quality of your sleep often depends on the sleeping patterns and habits that you have. You need to make sure that you are doing everything that you can to get rid of sleep deprivation. 

Given below is a list of tips that you can follow for paying off the sleep debt that you have. 

Extend the sleeping time

You can extend your sleeping time by going to sleep early or you can also delay the wake time. According to, it is suggested that you keep adding time incrementally in extensions of 15 minutes until you are getting proper rest. It is suggested that you avoid using alarm clocks so that you can rest better. You need to ensure that you are not overextending the time that you are going to spend in your bed or there is a chance that you will start experiencing insomnia. For instance, if you are going to sleep for 8 hours and you are spending 10 hours in bed, it is obvious that you are going to stay awake for 2 hours. It is suggested that you keep the sleep schedule proper and regular to avoid any complications in the morning. 

Take naps

Naps are also referred to as sleep snacks. In case if you are not getting enough sleep, you can make up by getting naps. Most people prefer napping in the afternoon to make up for the sleep deficit that has been created. Short naps can be extremely refreshing but it is suggested that you go for longer naps as they can help in making up for sleep deprivation. 

Sleep during the weekend

Most people make use of this technique. They prefer sleeping for long hours during the weekend as it allows them to get the extra sleep. If you are waking up early on weekdays, it is obvious that you are gradually accumulating sleep debt. When the weekend comes in, you can clear your Sleep Debt by sleeping in. 

Avoid caffeine as much as possible

Caffeine is responsible for blocking the signal that the body receives from adenosine. This is why after you enjoy a cup of coffee or soda pop; you are going to feel awake and lively. Unfortunately, these effects are short-lived. This is why it is suggested that you do not depend on caffeine too much for trying to stay awake. 


The tips that have been mentioned above can help you to make up for your sleep debt. However, if you find it difficult, it is suggested that you take suggestions from an expert. 

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