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Gibbets: Bow Master

Gibbets Bow Master is an amazing Arrow Shooting Game where you have to aim and shoot arrows in order to save the innocent hanged men. You have to be careful while shooting the arrow. So that it would not harm the man hanging there.

The game is very interesting and you can enjoy the amazing features of the game. Have a look at the list of features of the game that are mentioned below.


  • Different Game modes are available.
  • Customization options are also there.
  • So many levels with the different difficulty level which will help you in earning stars, you can use Gibbets Bow Master mod to take a short-cut route.
  • Can be played online.

Hints and Tips

1. Aiming

This is the most important part of the game. You have aim your target very wisely. Most ofter the arrow will hit the hangman instead of the rope. This is because arrows always make an arch, they do not travel in a straight line. And this makes them lose their altitude and missed the target.

All you have to do is Aim Higher. When you will aim higher than the target then it will help you to cut the rope.

2. Power

It is also one of the most important factors that can affect your aim. You have to learn to control the power. As if you want your arrow to go straight then it is important to shot it with a lot of power. This will make the arrow go straight for a long distance. This is most important especially when you have a row of hanged men. Then it becomes very important for your arrow to travel in a straight direction for a long distance.

And it becomes more difficult when you get obstacles in the middle of the target and you. So, in that case, all you have to do is to practice to control your power. You have to use sufficient power that it would not hit the obstacle and also it saves all hanged men.

3. Hanged Men

The game is all about saving the hanged men before they die. You can see the health bar of each hanged man. Once the health bar is empty then the Hanged man will die. And your game will be over. Also, you have to make sure that your arrow did not hit the hanged man. This will reduce their health status fastly and they will die.

You have to aim wisely and control your power properly to cut the rope. You can even aim the neck (where the rope has been tied) of the hanged man, this will be considered as a save. Once the rope is cut, then you are free to hit them with your arrow. It will not affect your game.

4. Dragging the Arrow

The most common problem that most of the beginners face is that they drag the bow exactly from the same place where the bow has been placed on the screen. And the bow is placed in the side of the screen that can not be replaced. And if a gamer drags the bow from that very point then he cannot put sufficient power to the arrow. This makes it difficult to hit the target.

If you are a beginner then you must know that you don’t need to drag the bow from the same point where it is placed. You don’t need to touch it to throw an arrow. You can drag anywhere in the screen to drag the bow, from where you can get enough space to put enough power to aim an arrow.

5. Use Additional Icons

As you will proceed in the game, you will also get a circular Arrow icon in some of the levels. This will help you to solve the puzzles and complete the level. As you will hit an arrow then an additional arrow will be produced that will travel in the same direction where the arrow icon will be pointing.

All you have to do is to figure out how it works. And then analyze its position and use it to solve your puzzles and complete your levels.

Additional Tips

  • Complete the challenges and collect starts.
  • Use the stars to improve the gameplay. You can use them to improve aiming, increase Health, and improve arrow resistance.
  • Free gift option is always there. Don’t forget to claim it.
  • Complete levels and it will improve your skills for challenges.
  • Before collect stars, save all hanged men first. And then collect stars as fast as you can.
  • Use Combos to get more points to increase your score.
  • Four Upgrades are also available in the game. Use them to complete more levels.
  • You can also watch Ads to continue to your game for free.


1. Can You Play Gibbets: Bow Master online?

Yes, you can play Gibbets online. Gibbets Bow Master is a Free game that you can play online also.

Final Verdict

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