Energy Efficiency Between Light Bulbs: Comparing Different Types of Light Bulbs

Today, more people have become environmentally conscious as we continue to search for ways that can reduce the carbon footprint. Thus, most incandescent light bulbs are phased out in the market and they are replaced with energy-efficient bulbs.

Most homeowners are looking for the right lighting system that can help provide efficient and durable illumination in their homes. When the right bulb replacement is found, homeowners can save energy and reduce their electrical bills.

In order for us to know the efficiency and durability of a bulb, we have to compare the different types. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us go over the details of these energy-efficient bulbs.

Aspects of Light Bulbs Depending on their Type

There are three known energy-efficient light bulbs– compact fluorescent lamps, light-emitting diodes, and halogen incandescent. These lights are better than conventional ones. There are several aspects to compare the three light bulbs.


Among the three, the LED light bulb is the most expensive. The halogen incandescent is likely similar to the traditional cost, and the compact fluorescent lamp is the most affordable. Most residential and commercial spaces use LED lights. The cost of using energy-efficient bulbs are quire higher than the traditional ones. But, in the long run, you will realize how much you have saved.

The Durability of the Light Bulb

A traditional light bulb is only good for a year or two before it goes out or dim and needs a replacement. Meanwhile, halogen incandescent bulb has the same lifespan since they are a relative type. Halogen incandescent bulbs can approximately last up to 2 years.

The durability of a compact fluorescent lamp is significantly better than the halogen incandescent. It can approximately provide illumination for 9 to 10 years. But, the LED bulb still wins the game. An LED light bulb has an estimated life span of 25-thousand hours, that is more than 25 years long!

LED bulbs are ideal for rooms or places that need to be illuminated for a longer period during night time. 

Brightness and Color

Before, the bulb brightness is measured in watts. But, as they have innovated light bulbs, their brightness is measured in lumens.

Fortunately, all of the light bulb types have approximately 500 lumens that can produce the same level of brightness. The only take away in this aspect is the time the bulb will reach its full brightness level and whether there are changes in its color.

The halogen and the compact fluorescent lamp is capable of providing bright and consistent illumination. They have a wide variety of hues, it ranges from white to blue.

Energy Consumption

There is a difference between energy efficiency in LED lights and a traditional incandescent bulb. Their efficiency is measured by the energy required to produce a certain amount of light. If the three types of bulb are tasked to produce a 60-watt amount of light, an LED bulb only needs 12-watts. Meanwhile, the halogen incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps need 42-watts and 15-watts, respectively.

By that, the LED and CFL light bulbs save more energy by 75 to 80 percent. Meanwhile, the halogen incandescent bulb can only provide up to 25 percent less energy.

How to Choose an LED Light Bulb

Choosing an LED bulb for your lighting system gives you an overwhelming feeling. There are several models and styles that are available in the marketplace. Here’s a list of how to choose the right LED light bulb:

Desired Rate for Brightness

You can check on the brightness of the LED bulb in its package. The wattage may indicate the illumination of the bulb. But, you need to remember that wattage only measures the consumed energy and not the light output.

Another method to check the brightness rate is through lumens. Lumens indicate the bulb brightness. There are LED bulbs with the same wattage but have a variation in lumens. 

Choose High-Quality Bulbs

Every consumer is discouraged to purchase products at a discounted rate. Moreover, cheap bulbs have low-quality chips that may bug down. Thus, it is best to choose those high-quality bulbs. You would know as the bulb will emit the same color after switching it on after a period of time.

3 Way-Bulb

LED lighting solution promotes its 3-way combination of bulbs. It replaces the three-way incandescent bulb. But, energy consumption has lesser energy consumption by 80-percent. The 3-way bulb is best for homeowners who spend more time in one room. 


As the energy-efficient bulbs are rapidly increasing in demand, the conventional bulbs are being phased out in some countries. Using LED is a wise investment and it is a cheaper option. More so, it provides durable and efficient performance. Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer for your LED light bulbs? You can visit them at They offer different styles and models wherein you can freely choose.

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