3 Ways to Build Healthy and Strong Bones

Having weaker bones can cause a lot of trouble as we age. During our childhood, we ignore food and exercise that can make our bones stronger and healthy. We only realize this mistake when it is too late. Bones are the most important part of our body, and taking care of them should be our priority. 

Some processed foods, beverages, and lack of exercise can cause your bone density to go down. What this does is make your bones weaker. You start to notice crack noises from your bones, or pain while you walk or stand. 

The only way to treat this issue is either to take heavy medication, or you can go for an alternative way. That is much healthier and natural. What you should do is include healthy foods in your daily diet, you can add foods such as chicken broth, hydrolyzed collagen, and meat. That will make your bones strong. Although there are many foods that can fix this issue, you should be taking foods that are highly nutritious.  

Another way is to do strength training. By doing this you will improve the core strength hence making your bones strong. With the addition to building stronger bones, you should also focus on your muscle strength that helps in keeping your bones together. Now let’s discuss the 3 ways how you can build stronger bones. 

1: Consume Calcium-Rich Foods

The most important mineral that your bones require is calcium, and to improve your bone health the first thing you should do is to consume enough calcium-rich foods. You should include chicken broth that is made from bones, they are rich in calcium and many other nutrients. You should include milk in your diet. 

Have a cup of milk in your breakfast or before your sleep. The average amount of calcium you need on a daily basis is around 1000mg. In older people, this range goes above to 1200mg per day. 

Dont go crazy and eat foods that contain a great amount of calcium in them. Doing such a thing won’t do any benefit because your body won’t be able to absorb a huge amount of calcium in one go. It is better to take a small amount of calcium throughout the day. 

The most important thing is never to take calcium from supplements as they can cause serious health problems. Always consume foods that are rich in calcium and take your daily nutrition need from those foods. 

2: Maintain a Healthy Weight

Weight can have a huge impact on your bone health. Whether you are overweight or underweight. Both these can affect the health of your bones. If you are underweight then there are chances that you will suffer from arthritis in the future. 

The same thing goes for people who are obese. There are increased chances of fractures in obese people due to their extra weight. 

Maintaining a stable and healthy weight will make your bones strong and healthy when you maintain your weight you are not putting your bones under stress which can lead to unhealthy and weaker bones. 

Doing proper strength training and eating healthy foods will help you in maintaining your weight. Even a little morning walk can help if it’s done with a healthy diet. 

3: Eat Protein-Rich Foods

Getting enough protein is vital for our bones. Our bones are made with 50% protein. Like we discussed above that calcium is important for your bones. The same goes for protein. There are several studies that showed people who consume less amount of protein are prone to lose bone mass as they age, but those who consumed more than 110g of protein every day will have healthier bones as they age. 

Foods like chicken broth and are high in calcium and protein that makes them the perfect food for your bone health. You can add chicken stock and broth to your diet but if you don’t know the difference between the two then do check out stock vs broth comparison so that you’ll have a clear understanding. 


If you follow these 3 ways, then you can have strong and healthy bones. There are many other things that you should take into consideration. 1) Dont use beverages,  2) Dont overeat, 3) Stop taking sugar instead use natural sources for your sugar intake. 

If you dont take care of your bones, it will cause some serious health issues in the future. Eat calcium-rich foods Cand maintain a healthy weight. 

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