Top Eight High-End Apartment Amenities You Should Have

Apartment amenities have been for long the top reason realtors sign and renew their lease. This is why real estate developers are upping their ante to provide the best to their clients. The truth is, the present world has drastically changed multifamily amenities. The things that used to be the top priority amenities areno  longer the deal breakers. New features have taken their place, and renters are adamant about what they want.

You shouldn’t invest in expensive apartment amenities that won’t attract more leases to your property. In this guide, we’ll explore the top eight high-end apartment amenities to help you retain and attract more leases. Let’s walk together.

Pet-Friendly Amenities

If you’re planning to exclude pet owners, then you’re planning to shut out many paying residents, and you may find your units not getting a maximum number of renters. Research shows an estimated 69% of US households own a pet. That’s said, for a luxury apartment, you should be willing to offer luxurious facilities for legged animals. At a minimum, you should consider offering a well-maintained dog park where renters can walk their dogs in inclement weather. You can also offer a pet spa in your building which is a more luxurious option.

Property-wide high Wi-Fi Speed Internet Connectivity

As a real estate developer, always remember that we live in a modern world where internet connectivity is necessary. Make sure your residents are well connected throughout all places. They may need to watch a tutorial in the gym, download music in the spa, or make a conference call in co-working spaces. Fast connectivity may be so simple and yet maybe the primary reason prospects lease with you.

Car Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are taking the world by a wave. There is a growing demand for these cars owing to their affordability and lower environmental impact. However, as an electric vehicle owner, one thing you need is a car charging station. Installing a charger in your high-end apartment is an investment, but it’s worth noting that potential renters will take advantage of it. Additionally, depending on the state, you could receive tax credits for installing EV chargers.

Co-working Spaces

With the current pandemic, many companies are allowing their employees to work from home. This calls for a home office with a plethora of equipment:

•           Fax machine

•           Copy machine

•           Printer

•           Stapler and stapler remover

•           Paper shredder

That can be too much when you’re living in a rental house. Fortunately, many high-end apartments offer co-working spaces with modern office equipment, including perks like a juice bar or coffee. When looking for an apartment, look for one that will accommodate all your requirements. That’s why Persea Apartments offers modern co-working spaces with all facilities. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable or modern rise studio, we can provide.

Green Space

Green space is an excellent high-end amenity for urban-dwelling citizens. A pleasantly landscaped area with a lot of green can make a great attraction and help residents relax after a tiring day. Even in less urban areas, green space is a perfect place for dwellers to unwind on weekends as they breathe some fresh air after a long week out.

Rooftop Deck

A rooftop deck is a perfect location when it comes to high-end apartment facilities. Not only does this area provide great places for hangouts, but it offers a gorgeous location where you can view the surroundings. The rooftop can have lounge chairs, a fire pit, or a pool. Your renters will be amused by anything that allows them to soak in the sunshine while enjoying great views from the surrounding.

Luxury in Unit-Features

Many facilities discussed here are high-end amenities found outside the individual residential unit. As necessary to the renters are the luxurious facilities found within each unit. They include:

•           Outdoor terraces

•           Walk-in closets

•           Hardwood floors

•           In-unit laundry

•           High-end kitchen

A luxurious apartment should have amenities that make residents feel comfortable, from the bathroom to the kitchen and the bedroom.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is the new must-have amenity for every luxurious apartment. It allows residents to control climate remotely and make adjustments according to their preferences. Besides, they help renters account for their energy use, which helps in promoting minimized energy use.

Final Thoughts

With the fierce competition among real estate developers for tenants, top-notch amenities are an excellent deal for attracting people of all ages looking to have a comfortable life. The more luxurious amenities you provide, the more value you’ll get returning in terms of quality residents, appreciative tenants, and maximum occupancy.

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