8 ways to ensure you are choosing an excellent plumbing company

Relaxing with your feet up and looking forward to watching your team play footy on TV you are aware of a bad smell. Having a wander around it seems to be coming from under the sink and it’s getting worse.

You are not a practical person. Every job you attempt seems to go wrong, a point the lads down the club are never tired of mentioning. It’s not good. It is time to call in the experts at J&T Dale Plumbing who your mates all recommend. But what makes a good company to deal with? Here are 8 ways to ensure you have chosen well.

1. The company has years of experience and lots of recommendations from satisfied customers. It has won awards to back up those words from independent panels. Personal and professional referrals are a great way of ensuring you are using a quality company.

2. They are available round the clock 24/7 so you know that you can reply upon them whenever an emergency strikes.

3. The firm supports the local community offering job opportunities and apprenticeships and they offer special discount rates for pensioners. It’s possible that their friendly workforce will be able to offer advice on the dangers of mould in the home.

4. A lifetime guarantee comes with all completed works with available annual service and inspections.

5. They embrace technology and advancements in the industry and work with all the latest tools and equipment in fully equipped vehicles to ensure that they are ahead of the game.

6. The company is fully insured and licensed so you have total peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable business and will not leave you short if something does go wrong. 

7. Flexible payment schemes are offered which is great if disaster strikes and you can’t afford to pay out all in one go. Great news if you still want to head into town for that museum visit and night out that you had planned.

8. How annoying it is when you sit in for hours waiting for someone to call who has failed to turn up at the arranged time. Choose a team with a good record of punctuality and are known for teamwork, integrity and delivering a high standard of customer service.

Always choose a plumbing service with experience, reliability, and an excellent record to ensure any jobs will be carried out proficiently and punctually.

Imran Gill
Imran Gill

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