These are the myths about self-employed life

Self-employed people always own a special place in society as they carry the tag of ‘be your boss’. They
rule their world, no time restrictions, no salary deductions, no struggle for increment; everything is in
their own hands. You can relate to all these situations if you are self-employed.
Several myths degrade the graceful image of living a self-employed life. You should know about them as
maybe ignorance is working against you too.

It is tough to be a self-employed

Most of the people consider job life simpler than the self-employment due to varied reasons –
 Job facilitates a regular source of earning
 Establishing a business is ALWAYS difficult
Myths you will read about –
 It is very difficult to be self-employed
 It is very easy to be self-employed
 A self-employed can go on a holiday whenever he wants
 Self-employed cannot get a mortgage for property purchase
 It is necessary to have an uncommon business to earn money

 Self-employed people do not earn much
 Running a business is a temporary thing with a low success rate
 A salaried person is financial safer than a self-employed
As you can see, a significant myth brings many other myths. The above reasons make people feel that it
is never a good idea to explore self-employed life.
In reality, the above situations may occur, but it is not necessary in case of all. Yes, some people face
such circumstances, but there are also success stories. They started from scratch and then turned into
industry giants.
Jeff Bezos, who started his business in a garage as the online merchant of books

needs no introduction today.

Nothing is complicated, with the right mix of hard work and dedication; it is possible to live a prosperous
life with the tag of self-employment.

It is effortless to be a self-employed

It is the other side of the coin that exists as another perception of self-employment. Yes, many out there
think that it is a child’s play to be your boss.
There are reasons that establish the fact that things are difficult for the self-employed too.
 Starting a business is never easy. From registration of the company to fighting with financial
needs, a businessperson has to stay in a continuous struggle.
 There is no chance to quit suddenly. If you do not like your current job, you can leave it for a
better one. However, a self-employed has to face all the challenges with no option of immediate
quit. There can be so many shareholders and creditors and without giving them their due share
of profit and money, one cannot entirely.
 A self-employed person has to face many legal complications at all the aspects. For the delivery
of the stock, they have to follow the rules of different states. Delay in order may make them
responsible for breaking an agreement. Many other things are there to create worry for people
from the business world.

A self-employed can go on a holiday whenever he wants

No, no, certainly not! It is not easy for a self-employed to go on a holiday whenever they want. They
may even have to miss the popular holiday season like Christmas time. If their business type is such, that
does not allow them to take a leave or go on a holiday. They have to stay. For example – most of the
shopkeepers have to work for longer hours during Christmas. When people enjoy their quality
time with their families, they are available in their shops to earn their business goals.

When you are in the job and want to go on holiday, someone is always there to compensate for your
absence. Some other colleague will do your work until you come back. However, for those with a
business, it is not possible to leave the responsibility on others. The families of self-employed have to
suffer due to their uncertain routine and working hours.

Self-employed cannot get a mortgage for property purchase

Oh, yes, this is one of the most prevalent myths. However, indeed, the self-employed people usually
face problems on the mortgage front, as their income is unstructured and difficult to access. However,
this fact cannot hide another point that it is not impossible to attain funds despite the absence of the
tag of ‘salaried person’.
Also, there is a large market for self-employed mortgages these days that one can explore online. If
you are also looking for a mortgage, then there is no scarcity of deals for you. To avoid the confusion,
chaos and delay, you can also hire mortgage brokers that tackle things very well. They can bring you
sundry suitable deals from their large panel of lenders. Some of them do not even charge any broker fee
like Shine Mortgages.

It is necessary to have an uncommon business to earn

Oh please!! Do not even think like that. You know what, yet a vegetable vendor can earn as equal as the
manager of a big company can. No, that is not a joke but a reality, and perhaps you know that. They
daily customers are fixed, and the new ones keep adding.
In short, you do not need to be unique or unprecedented in your business idea. Even the simplest thing
can bring a large profit and income. The actual secret is that you need to sell something that people
need. If it is something that comes in use daily, you can become a millionaire in a short time.

Do you still think in the same manner on the above points? Now you know the reality, and it should be
easier now to stay rational about the life of self-employed people. Logic is the best weapon to kill the
bacteria of myth. Use it well and at the right time and then no one can misguide you. Stay informed and
stay reasonable. All the best!
Description – Know about the popular myths of self-employed life and read the reality behind them.
Break the myths and be a mature person.

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