Robin Christensen Roussimoff Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

In case you follow American wrestling regularly, you must have seen Andre the Giant Daughter somewhere. She is the one and only daughter of the famous French wrestler named Andre the Giant. That is why she got the name given above. If you are a fan of this personality or want to know more about her, this article is only for you. We tried to include everything we know about her in this blog so that you can get to know this person more deeply.

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Robin Christensen Roussimoff’s Early Life

The original name of Andre the Giant Daughter is Robin Christensen Roussimoff. So Robin was born in 1979 in Paris. She is French and her ethnicity is Bulgarian and Polish. Robin is of the Christian religion and was brought up in North Carolina. Currently, she stays in Seattle and pursuing her career from that place. She is the daughter of the famous wrestler named Andre Rene Roussimoff and Jean Christensen. She is the only child of them. She has an uncle named Jacques Roussimoff. Her mother used to work in public relations in the wrestling industry. Their parents meet at an event. There was a controversy regarding her birth at first. Andre had acromegaly that causes the inability to have children. So her birth was a miracle. Later on, it was evident that Robin is also suffering from acromegaly imbalance. 

Robin Christensen Roussimoff’s Educational Life

Robin studied in North Carolina. But no one knows about the name of the school or college. She has already graduated from high school and college. Currently, she is pursuing her career in wrestling as well as acting. She is a popular name in the industry. That is why people are interested to know more about her.

Personal Details of Andre the Giant Daughter

Place of BirthParis, France
Birthday, Date of Birth1979
Real nameRobin Christensen Roussimoff
ProfessionWrestler and Actress
HoroscopeNot Known
EthnicityPolish and Bulgarian
Color of EyesBrown
Color of HairDark Brown
Net Worth$100K

Body Measurements of Andre the Giant Daughter

Height6 ft.
Weight96 KG
Bra SizeNot known
Body Measurements46-36-44
Breast Size46 Inches
Waist Size36 Inches
Hips Size44 Inches
Shoe SizeNot known
Dress SizeNot known

Robin Christensen Roussimoff’s Professional Life

If we talk about the professional life of Andre the Giant Daughter, then, first of all, she is the daughter of one of the highest-paid wrestlers in the world. Andre left a lot of money where he included his daughter, his caretaker and the wife of that caretaker in his will. Robin travels through the country to attend comic cons to represent her father in several shows. She has also featured in a documentary about her father named Andre the Giant. 

WWE continued to push her to participate in different events. She receives royalty from them as they use her name in the events. She has also contacted them to consult with her before licensing her name in any video game or action game. Later on, she promoted the book about her father written by Brandon M Easton. So technically, she makes a living with all the promotional income and the licensing rights. 

There was a rumour that she was going to join WWE SmackDown. But she clarified that she has a professional relationship with the authority of WWE. They only pay her several royalties. Other than that, she has no contact with the authority for anything else. In 2017 she made a special appearance in WWE backstage. 

There was a lot of disagreement between the father-daughter duo. They didn’t have a very good relationship at first. Then it was improved just before Andre died in the Paris hotel room. So currently, she is a celebrity in social media in the WWE industry because her father was a popular figure in that game. She is keeping up the area of her father right now. 

Robin Christensen Roussimoff’s Social Media Life

If we talk about the social media life of Andre the Giant Daughter, she is one of those people who don’t like to be on social media platforms at all. She doesn’t have any social media account. She is in this thing since everyone was going crazy about social media platforms. According to the sources, she only appeared once or twice on social media to promote the book about her father. Other than that, she wants to keep her personal life private all the time. She has not disclosed anything on any social media platform till now. 

Robin Christensen Roussimoff’s Personal Life

Currently, Robin is single and focusing on her career. It may also happen that she has not disclosed anything about her dating life in the media. That is why no one knows about it. According to the record, she is focusing on her career and wants to work hard to achieve whatever she wants. But we are still trying to regain some more information about her personal life. If we get anything substantial, we will post it here for sure.

Robin Christensen Roussimoff’s Net Worth

As we already told, the main income of Andre the Giant Daughter is from the royalty and licensing rights. Sometimes, she also works for promotional purposes. That can also be another source of income for her. According to a few surveys, her net worth is around 100K dollars and all the income comes from her licencing rights mostly. If she is having any other income source, we do not know about that till now. Our researchers are trying to know more about her income sources. If we get to know anything, we will let you know about that in this blog. You have to stay tuned to our blog to know more about this person.

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