Risk of Rain 2 Updates and How to Unlock Characters?

Video games have become immensely popular in the present. With PUBG taking the world in its proverbial web for almost two years, it was time for a new game on the block.

The one I am talking about the Risk of Rain 2. This is a sequel to the 2013 version of the game with the same name. 

About The Game

  • This game is developed by Hopoo Games and supported by Gearbox Publishing.
  • The game progresses each stage by killing enemies, so it is a third-person roguelike video game.
  • The purpose is to find a teleporter. Since it takes time to activate, you have to protect the teleporter from the likes of aliens and boss monsters. Seems exciting, right?
  • The Risk of Rain 2 was released as early access using Microsoft Windows. Early access is a term means the release of a game that is yet to be developed entirely in the video game industry.
  • Through this, a video game developer can know the way a pre-formed game is liked by the players and improve and develop according to its usage and feedback.
  • The early access was released in March 2019. In the same month, it had attracted about a million users, which a feat for a pre-developed game.
  • In August of last year, it also became available in Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
  • After almost a year, the game has come to the point that it is no longer an early access version.
  • With the development of eight survivors the game is complete and waiting for you to play it.

The Guide to Unlock the Characters

The game refers to its character’s as survivors. After the latest update, there are a total of 8 survivors, unlocking all of them can be both comfortable and tricky at the same time.

  1. Commando

This character is making a comeback with the newer version since it was a prominent part of the first game as well.

This is a survivor that is neither too powerful, nor too weak. However, it can perform several tricks. 

To get this unlocked, you do not need to do anything. It automatically unlocks with the start game tab. This is sort of similar to the guns you collect from buildings in PUBG.

  1. Huntress

As the name suggests, this one hunts its enemies down and unleashes its powers to destroy them to dust.

Unlocking it would require you to get to the third teleporter alive. This way, you complete and win the Warrior challenge.

  1. MUL T

The MUL T is renowned for being equipped with as many tools as you can need in the game. Its ferocity and aggressiveness can make you turn out to be winner almost always.

It is relatively simple to unlock it. Once you have completed the first teleporter about five times, you can take advantage of its tools. This challenge is called Verified.

  1. Engineer

Much like a real-life engineer, the Risk of Rain is also known for its expertise in planning and positioning to make your game a success.

Getting the Engineer demands a little more efforts. You have to complete 30 stages to unlock it. However, you can try to win it with n number of tries, no worries about that.

  1. Artificer

With an ENV suit, flame bolt, charged nano bomb and a snap freeze, the Artificer is a superhero in the game.

To unlock it, you would need to collect10 Lunar Coins, travel to the Bazaar Between Time to the come in connecting with the crystal that is adjacent to the enormous newt. This is when you would need to pay the coins to free the survivor.

  1. Mercenary

The Mercenary is a survivor in a class of its own. The laser sword, whirlwind and blinding assault are some of its features.

The Mercenary is unlocked when the player activates the Obelisk. This is not easy to do since it is hidden and can only be accessed through the Celestial Portal.

The two other survivors are Rex and Acrid. I am not going to tell their secrets. This is because an element of surprise makes a game even more enjoyable.

Author’s Bio

Charlotte Greene, a video game critic and analyst, working at (Huge loan lender) is a video game fanatic, who had taken up installment loans to get herself an Xbox One.

Her purpose in writing the blog was to make it easy for the players to get through the game. This is because winning makes a video game all the enjoyable and fascinating.

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