Priyana Thapa- Lovely misses of American boxer Keith Thurman

Priyana Thapa is well-recognized as a wife of famous American Boxer Keith Thurman Jr. She is a native of Nepal and came into limelight from the time she got married to Keith Thurman Jr.

Birth Information

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal, Priyana Thapa’s date of birth is unknown, but as per the rumors, she was born sometime in 1993 in a middle-class family.

Personal Life of Priyana Thapa

This young lady Priyana Thapahas become more popular in recent years. As per various sources, Priyana’s father was a bakery owner, and the mother was a housewife. She spent her childhood in Kathmandu later shifted to the United States with her parents.

She was a very talented student; however, after high school, she hasn’t attended any college. Though it is a kind of tradition in Nepalese culture to have university-level education, Priyana’s reason behind not pursuing college is unknown. After marriage, she is serving as a home-maker and not working anywhere and always away from social media networks.

Priyana met her love (Keith Thurman) at a night club in Tokyo. It was her birthday when she met Keith for the first time. This lovely couple started dating, and after several months of a strong bond, Keith proposed Priyana in somewhere around 2016.  Since the answer from Priyana for Keith’s proposal was positive, they got married on 1 July 2017 in a Hindu-Style. They have no children yet, but and for this, Keith has stated many times that he wants to live his life with his wife besides.


Priyana Thapa is now a typical housewife and is not working anywhere. Maybe because she is the wife of a famous boxer, Priyana never required to seek employment. Though in today’s generation, men and women are focused more on independent of each other, yet Priyana is not into any profession at present. She is presently living in America and leading a happy married life with her husband, Keith Thurman.

Professional life of Priyana Thapa

Before getting married to Keith Thurman, Priyana Thapa worked as a bartender in a local club in Tokyo. And, as per various resources she used to earn somewhere around ¥335,000 to ¥1,090,000 per month. However, after getting married to a famous boxer, she never focused on any profession and is living her life to the fullest as a misses of Keith Thurman. 

Body Measurement

Since Priyana is not active in social media, there is no accurate information about her body measurement. However, her height is somewhere around 5 feet and 4 inches with a slim body. The best thing about Priyana is her eyes, which are simply beautiful in brown color. She has naturally black hair and has a pretty face with a charming smile.

Priyana Thapa and Keith Thurman Net worth

There is no separate net worth information about priyana however their total net worth is around 10 million dollars.

Facts about Priyana

Though Priyana is a native of Nepal, she is perfect in reading and writing Japanese languages. She can speak English fluently and has learned the Hindi language as well. She loves to watch Hindi movies and mostly listens to Hindi songs. She likes Indian culture, and even after living in America for so many years, she still loves speaking Hindi and watch movies and serials regularly.

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