Nadine Caridi – A great hard-worker and a successful woman

Nadine Caridi

Nadine Caridi is one of the famous former Britain models who won the hearts of millions of people with her stunning looks and impressive attitude.

Personal Life

Nadine Caridi was born on 6th December 1962 in London, UK. Later her parents decided to move to the USA, and Nadine Caridi spent her childhood in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The information about her parents and siblings is unknown. As per various resources, this beautiful model did her high school graduation from Dewey high school in Brooklyn. 

Nadine had a great interest in modeling since from her school days, and after completing high school graduation, she turned her focus towards modeling. Believing in her hard work and passion towards her goal of becoming a popular model, she never gave up anywhere. However, she never neglected her education and obtained her Master’s in Clinical Psychology.

Nadine dated Alan Wilzing during her modeling days, and later she got married to Jordan Belfort in the year 1991 and has two children, namely Carter Belfort (son) and Chandler Belfort (daughter). However, Nadine’s marriage came to an end in the year 2005. She is now married to John Macaluso and leading a happy married life.


Because of her extraordinary and attractive figure, Nadine never had a problem getting into modeling where she became famous in no time. When she started enjoying her success in the modeling filed, she got many opportunities and contracts from famous firms like Miller Coors and many more. In fact, Nadine Caridi came into limelight from the time she has done an advertisement for alcohol beverage “Miller Lite.” She also made numerous health campaigns and worked with many televisions commercials.

With her success in modeling and television commercials, Nadine Caridi got stardom as an actress in many Hollywood movies and because of a very famous actress of the ’90s. However, this 57 years old successful woman is now working as a marriage and family therapist, where she offer relationship guidance to couples.  

Body Measurements

Nadine Caridi’s height is 5 feet and 8 inches, and she weighs around 55kgs. Her eye color is grey, and her hair color Blonde. This beautiful lady’s body shape is an hourglass, and body measurement is 32-30-37 inches.

Professional Life

As a young lady in the 90’s, Nadine Caridi was into a modeling profession where she had great demand in the Hollywood industry as well. This way, she acted in many popular movies. Now this 57 years old successful woman is working as a marriage and family therapist, where she offers relationship guidance to couples.  It is esti9mated that Nadine’s estimated net worth is around $5 million as of 2020.

She is very particular and well-focused about her professional life, which made her a great inspiration for numerous younger.

Unknown Facts

  • Nadine Caridi, now-husband John Macaluso, is 22 years older than her.
  • The reason behind her separation with Jordan Belfort is because of his drug addiction and domestic violence.
  • Nadine Caridi has her own website where she gives services to the people.
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