Lost in Space season 2 updates and review

Lost in Space is a series and its first version was launched in April 2018. Now people are waiting for the second season, which is in production but the release date is not confirmed. Let us know some updates about the second season. It has been said that the second season may either be released in the latter part of 2019 or earlier part of 2020. Before getting updates about season 2, let us know something about season one.

About Lost in Space One

The first series has a family of five people, which include Maureen and John Robinson and their three children Will, Judy, and Penny. They were sent on a space mission but their spacecraft went into a wormhole. So they have to leave it and an alien robot helped them in evacuating. Will, the youngest son, helped in repairing the robot. June Harris is a criminal who was imprisoned by the Robinson family. The mission of the criminal was to abort their mission for which Robinson and his family were sent.

Cast of Lost in Space 2

A cast of the season two will be same as season one. The family of Robinson does not have spacecraft so they have to manage everything themselves. The character of Maureen will be played by Molly Parker and John by Toby Stephens. Molly Parker has informed that she has to join the gym because of some physical demands and stunts. The three children of John and Maureen are Will, Penny and Judy. The characters who will play the role are Maxwell Jenkins, Mina Sundwall and Taylor Russell respectively. Other characters in the second season will be Smith, Don, and the robot. Victor, Vijay, and the Watanbes have been sent to the Resolute and they will later go to Alpha Centauri. Some more characters who will be introduced in this season are Ava and Jiang. Ava is a mechanic and also a supervisor. Commander Jiang is a will aboard the Resolute.

Story of Season 2

Season 1 ended with a scene that Robinson and family were thrown into a new galaxy because the engine of their spacecraft failed. This galaxy seems to be the one from where the robot came out. Will Robinson also told the family about the drawing that the robot gave him? The drawing resembled the galaxy in which the family was thrown. The main aim of the family is to connect with the Resolute. The story of season 2 is not yet revealed but it has been guessed that the season will have more robots in comparison to humans.

Episodes of Season 2

There are no updates about the number of episodes of Season 2. Season 1 was of ten episodes. Since the shooting of the second season is tough, so the number of episodes maybe ten or less.

The trailer of the second season

It Reports have told that season 2 may release in later 2019 or early 2020. The trailer will be released a month before the release of the season. The trailer has not been released yet.

Role of Robot in season 2

In season one, Robot has to fight a battle with another robot. It was shown that robot met with its end. Bit people should not despair as the robot will be back in the second season also and will play a big role.

Final Verdict

The story of season 2 will be a continuation of season 1. The show will start from the place when Robinson and his family were thrown into an unknown galaxy and they have to connect to the resolute. Some reports revealed that this season will have more robots and fewer humans. Release date of the serial and its trailer have not been announced yet but they can be released either in the later 2019 or early 2020. The number of episodes will be ten or less as the shooting is very tough. The cast will include Maureen, John, and their three kids along with Don, Smith and the Robot.

People are waiting for the second season eagerly as they loved the first one too. The plot seems to be interesting and season 2 will also be liked.

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