All you need to know about Laura Deibel

Personal life

Laura Deibel is a well-known personality and is the ex-wife of Tim Allen, a famous actor, and a comedian. She is not as famous as her husband but got immense fame after she got hitched to Tim. She was born on November 12, 1956, and completed her studies from Western Michigan University. In the early days, she worked as a sales manager and generated a considerable income through the interior landscape company. When her husband’s career took a flight, she quit the job and started to take care of the family and daughter. She is 64 years old. There is nothing much information about her parents. However, she holds an American nationality and is white ethnicity.

She is not in a relationship with anyone since she was divorced from Tim in 2003. The couple was dating since their college days and is fond of each other. They got married at the end of college. They are blessed with a baby girl named Katherine Allen, who was born in 1989. Tim started to allocate more time to shape his career, which eventually resulted in the couple’s divorce.

There are no rumors against her relationship with someone after the divorce. However, time got married to Jane Hajduk. The couple dated for five long years, and now they have a beautiful daughter named Elizabeth Allen, who was born in 2009.


The career of Laura was under the radar as she was paired with Tim. She is a hard-working woman who worked as a sales manager for an interior landscape company. It was hard times for the couple when she took the responsibility of the household. Tim did not make it big at that moment


The beautiful lady was born in 1956 in the United States. There is no information about the names of her parents and siblings.

Professional life

She worked as a sales manager with an interior landscape company. There is nothing much information found about her professional life.

Body measurements

When it comes to this beautiful woman’s physical appearance, the height is 5 feet 6 inches, and weight is 62 kg. The eye color is light brown and has grey hair.


There are no prestigious awards that are won by her.

Net worth

She is not into any of the professions that can reap her whopping amount of money. However, she got all the fame through her husband, who is a famous actor. After getting divorced from Tim, she got some money in the form of alimony. The net worth of Tim is USD 40 million. It is estimated that the actor would be earning USD 5 million every year.

Relationship with her husband

They dated together when they were pursuing the studies at Western Michigan University. There is an allegation against Tim for distributing drugs. However, Laura took his side and stood for him. He got arrested in 1978 and was released in 1981. She was waiting for her boyfriend very patiently, and they entered into the wedlock in 1984. The couple has a daughter, and her relationship with her mother is adorable. Despite the divorce, she shares a good bonding with her father. Tim, who dons different hats work-wise, could not give enough time for family. Laura was disheartened and depressed in this matter.

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