Jewelry to Adore your Brown Dress

The beautiful color of brown is known to flatter many. It is a lovely shade that stands out for its warm tone. However, when it comes to choosing jewelry for your pretty brown dress, things become complicated. Luckily, in this piece of article, we’ll acquaint you with how to choose appropriate jewelry for your brown-hued dresses.

Before we jump to the next section it is important to know that the color brown has cool and warm undertones which can strongly affect the type of jewelry you should wear. So here we bring you jewelry types based on different shades of brown.

Jewelry for Cool Brown Tones

Cool brown shades feature undertones of blue, green, or grey color. To ensure your jewelry complements your dress, choose shades that work with these tones. White gold, silver, and platinum are ideally suited for cool brown hues. The pair of hoop earrings and a chain necklace is just perfect for a statement look. In addition, you can also try the following options:

  • A blue topaz pendant will add sparkle to your look if your dress has a deep, open neckline. This option basically works well with satin, knitted, or velvet fabrics. 
  • A moonstone round pendant with a simple chain is perfect for achieving a less formal appearance. 
  • For heavy dresses, aquamarine gems are good to go. Browse through online diamond jewelry stores to find aquamarine statement rings or sparkling sterling silver bands.For a casual appearance, the uniqueness of Jade jewelry will add coolness. A Jade bracelet or bangle will perfectly complement your knitted sweater dress, sundress, or shirt dress. 
  • Smoky quartz jewelry pieces are ideal to complement your sophisticated necklines with heavy embellishments. Moreover, it will also look happening with a simple gown dress. 

Jewelry for Warm Brown Tones

Warm brown shades feature undertones of yellow, red, pink, and orange hues. Outfits with these shades look gorgeous with jewelry that radiates these tones. You can opt to wear simple chain necklaces, hoop earrings, and other jewelry in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, copper tones to complement warm brown outfits. Here are some more options you can try for:

  • Peridot studded jewelry featuring a unique yellow-green hue looks stunning with warm brown outfits. A peridot pendant in white gold is just perfect for simple and low neckline dresses. 
  • If you are looking for something that has a highlighting effect, fire opal is what you can consider. A fire opal silver ring accented by white topaz is a heavenly combination for your warm brown dress. 
  • To add a pinch of romanticism to your appearance, Rose quartz jewelry is what you need. Red quartz is affordable and has a pale pink hue which looks gorgeous with the warm brown dress. 

Elevate the beauty of your Brown dress. Check jewelry online and choose the one that lends your brown dress a happening, like never before look. You can easily find the aforementioned jewelry at any of the online jewelry stores. 

Happy shopping!

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