Jamie White Files Divorce to Husband, Smallville Actor Tom Wellings

You must have heard of Tom Welling? The 43-year- old American actor, director, producer, and also a model who is more well known as his role Clark Kent that he played in the superhero drama Smallville. Later co-starring in the third season of the fantasy-comedy drama Lucifer. Tom Welling is a renowned actor who has been in many shows and movies. He is making some buzz on the internet yet again but this time it is for an unhappy not much of a wholesome reason. The news has floored in that there is somewhat of a problem stirring between the two as his wife Jamie White has filed for divorce. The couple, Tom Welling and Jamie White tied the knot way back in July 2002 in Martha’s Vineyard after a staggering five years of happily dating. They first met in New York City. They were reported living in Vancouver until 2011 and relocated to Los Angeles later. Jamie had filed a divorce and Tom finalized the divorce to their ten years of relationship.

Following the Smallville actor’s agreement to pay her 20 percent of his net income. Most of his fortune comes from his 10 years of acting in Smallville. According to the legal documents and agreements, Jamie White gets to have all the horses from Tom’s horse farm in Florida, and a home in both Florida and Massachusetts. Welling has to finance White Spousal support for five long years. The couple has no kids so it was somewhat easier rather than an emotional roller-coaster. Having a kid makes it so much sad and emotionally overwhelming. After a long successful relationship, they got separated in 2015. Celebrity affairs and break-ups are not safe from paparazzi’s and make their way to the internet fast. You will have all the celebrity buzz covered here.

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