IIhan Omar has backlashed at Trump post the rally attack and says vociferously, “this is my country.”

IIhan Omar has fired back at President Donald Trump on Tuesday night after he made a mockery of the lady on how she was giving lectures to the republicans on running the country and referred this lady to be the native of Somalia. The supporters of Trump also stated that this lady is telling us how to run the country. The supporters claimed that Omar would be one of the main reasons that would help them win in the elections that are going to get held in November in the US for the Minnesota region.

The President was questioning how this lady would know about the country and how it is doing when Omar has been flying to the US from Somalia as a child refugee. Omar snapped back to the President by stating that this is her country and she is the member of the house. There is also a tweet that is left by this dynamic lady that she flew during the civil war when she was just 8 years old. She stated that the 8-year old would not run the country as you run. There is a meme that is added by this lady in one of the tweets. The meme is from the movie mean girls.

She also questioned the President of why he is so obsessed about her. Omar is in America for 20 years now. There are a series of comments that were fired between both now and in the past. President called this lady to be Anti-Semitic. In the later tweet, she accused him of being racist. In 2016, the democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton won in Minnesota. However, Trump has won in three other places, such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. The polls that are conducted recently showed that Joe Biden, who is the Democratic Party nominee, is leading by 10 points in Minnesota.

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