How local businesses can improve their online presence using Instagram

Let’s say you own laundry service, pizza parlor, auto repair shop, or other local business. Every day, it seems, someone either asks for your website address or advises you to get a website (often, it’s someone selling websites).

The trouble is, you are doing just fine without a website, and you have neither the time nor the money to spend on one. Yet, you wonder, is it time to bite the bullet and get an online presence?

Then, along comes your niece. She’s in college, and she knows all about the internet. Her advice is new and sounds a bit more inviting: “Why not just use Instagram as your website? Everyone is on there, and you can offer a coupon every now and then to bring in customers during slow periods.”

Moreover, your niece will set up the account and show you how to drive it. You can’t beat a deal like that, now can you?

Does every local business need a website?

Are you getting “great ideas” from people every day about how you should or shouldn’t establish an online presence? One thing important to remember: Just because someone is young and/or knows all about Instagram, that does not mean she is an expert at how local businesses should think about websites.

I’ve been working with small businesses since computers first entered the office. Initially, the fact that bookkeeping and accounting procedures could be accomplished much easier with a little hardware and software seemed a godsend. After that, though, things got completely out of hand – the world quickly went internet crazy. Now, they’re telling you it’s impossible to do well in business without a website … and many are saying you can do fine with Facebook or Instagram only.

How to improve your online presence and drive more sales as a local business

  1. Engage your audience: While it is absolutely true that every local business could benefit from being online. In this competitive world, you need to show your online presence to drive more sales and interact with your target audience and Instagram is a great platform to achieve the same. Use all the media to share your posts, engage your followers and give them the reason why they follow you.
  2. You need more following count on your account: A real boost in credibility, branding, and presence can be obtained with more number of followers. You can buy Instagram followers, run Instagram ads and gain them through organic ways over time.
  3. Build a strong relationship with your followers: in order to maintain a strong online presence on Instagram, interaction with your audience is the key to success. Building a strong relationship with them give you odds to spread your message among other people. When you give importance to your followers and share their post on your profile, they will tell about it to their friends and your brands. Remember to share those post of your followers in which they mentioned your brand or tagged you. 
Rakesh Juneja
Rakesh Juneja

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