Google to Use DNS-Over –HTTPS Protocol to Stop the Hackers to Target Websites

Google is under an anti-trust problem which is due to a new internet Protocol which can help the tech company to gain a massive advantage in the market, according to a media report.

A US House Judiciary Committee is currently investigating the plans from Google which is going to implement DNS-over-HTTPS in Chrome. This new development will help in improving the security of a website and provide encryption to the website, according to the reports at the Wall Street Journal.

Google is planning to be the testing of this new protocol which will help a website to stop the attacks from a hacker.

The report also added House investigators have a concern that this new development might give the tech giant an unfair advantage which can also deny access to user’s data.

A letter was sent to Google from the House which asked them if they will use the new internet protocol to handle the data for commercial purposes.

To clarify things about the matter a spokesperson said that, Google does not have any plans to change the DNS providers to Google default. The claims made by anyone about centralizing encrypted DNS provided is false.

Last month, a probe into Google’s anti-trust practices was announced by Attorneys General for 50 US states. It will focus on whether the tech giant is overly dominant in internet search and the Online advertising market.

According to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, “Google dominates all the aspects of advertising on the internet and they also dominate seller, buyer, and the auction site”.

In March, The European Union’s antitrust regulators also fined Google with EUR 1.49 billion for misusing its dominance in the market. Google blocked its rival from the online search market which does not provide equal chances.

Michael Jamson
Michael Jamson
Michael Jamson is an established technical expert with 6+ years of background in managing the overall designing & development of Machine Learning, Big Data, and AI-powered ventures. He is also an adrenaline junkie, so to refresh himself he loves to indulge in adventure sports such as bungee jumping, paragliding, parachuting, and much more.


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