Doting daughter of Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman’s flaunts the new blue hairstyle on selfie.

The famous celebrity couple Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman has adopted a kid in 1992 and rechristened as Bella. She takes the social media world by storm by uploading the eye-catchy pics of hers on Instagram. The latest picture that is uploaded by this celebrity couple’s daughter has made people go gaga around her. The 27-year old took to Instagram to flaunt her new hairstyle. It has blue coloring, which is similar to that of a mullet.  In the picture that is posted on the social media app, she wore a leopard print top and a black leather jacket that is paired up with the perfect set of earrings and a gold-colored nose ring. To spruce up the look, she also wore dark and round sunglasses.

The selfie that is captured by this lady is unique. She shared just two of the pictures since the start of this year. It excited the fan as soon as she uploaded the picture with a brand new look. Of late, she shared the picture that she took by standing in front of the mirror. This post was uploaded the last month. She also comes up with quirky Instagram captions. You can also witness the golden sparks across the face. In the month of May, Bella has shared another picture where she was resting the hand on the head and put her tongue out. Tom Cruise, who is 58, and Kidman, who is 53 years old, has adopted this girl in 1992 and later adopted a son whose name is Connor in 1995. However, the couple got separated in 2001. The Oscar-winning actress got to reveal some information about the relationship with Bella and Connor briefly in 2018. They decided to be Scientologists. However, Kidman moved on in life and married Keith Urbana and have two children.

camila bell
camila bell

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