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With more and more companies outsourcing or subcontracting their marketing needs, the market is being flooded with pseudo-marketers or inexperienced and ineffective freelancers.

Many of the traits of a successful digital marketer are more abstract and can’t be immediately spotted from a simple glance at their profile:

  • Blending creativity and outside-the-box thinking with data-driven actions
  • Self-motivating and willing to take the initiative with little, if any, instruction
  • A strategic mindset complimented with high critical-thinking skills 

However, putting these traits into practice does leave a trace. And spotting a good digital marketer can be easy when you know what to look for.

Whether you are searching to bolster your permanent staff or are simply seeking extra hands on a punctual campaign, you will invariably check to try to filter out your options by checking the social media accounts and Googling your candidates. There are 3 tell-tale signs that will let you know that you’re on the right track. 

Additionally, if you are a marketer hoping to set yourself apart from other sharks in the water, possessing these same 3 signs will ensure you succeed at self-employment in 2021.

A Well-Groomed Web and Social Media Presence    

Dress for the job you want. And the websites we create, the posts and profiles we upload on social media are a form of digital dress. At a glance, they are superficial, like the clothes we wear. They don’t tell others who we are. But they do give those who look our way an insight into who we are trying or aspiring to be.

You know you’re looking at the landing page or social media account of a dynamic digital marketer when you spot:

  • Attention to the visual presentation of the content
  • High-quality images
  • Cohesiveness in the color design
  • Forethought as to the design of the text: fonts, bold or italicized script, and spacing
  • Overall positivity in the messages communicated
  • Digital marketers seek to promote not denigrate
  • Consistency in the timeline
  • Digital marketers seek to communicate. There are no long periods of silence in their social media feeds

Engaging Writing

A good digital marketer is by definition also a good writer.

Even in the short format of an Instagram or Facebook post, or the even shorter posts in their Twitter feed, a good digital marketer’s writing will pop. It will be concise, informative, and economical. 

Also, a good digital marketer is detail-oriented and image-conscious, and this will be reflected in their writing. Their writing will not be lousy with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. 

Instead, what you will find are:

  • Headline- or title-driven posts
  • A dynamic headline or title is of the utmost importance in copywriting and marketing communication. This fact is so ingrained in a digital marketer that it will permeate all forms of written communication.
  • Sparse use of emojis and exclamation points (if they’re used at all)
  • A good digital marketer’s writing is strong enough not to resort to these types of shortcuts.
  • Links, invitations, and calls to action
  • The function of their writing is to connect and engage with their readers. They will seek a response or engagement.

An Enthusiasm for New Technology

A good digital marketer is curious and always has his or her eyes on what’s coming around the bend. He or she possesses a passion for innovation, new ways to solve problems, and new tools or platforms that facilitate communication.

We talk about what we’re interested in. We post about what we’re interested in. Someone can claim to have an interest or skills in digital marketing. Yet when their social media posts or web page makes little to no reference to new technology, that is a red flag.

Instead, what you are sure to spot in their posts are:

  • References to or questions about new innovations 
  • Links or invitations to a diversity of communication platforms
  • Pictures proudly featuring technological devices


It’s true: no two digital marketers are exactly alike. Digital marketing is a broad field that touches on a wide variety of products and services. However, the passion that drives some digital marketers to excel where others falter does give off visible signs.

The recruitment process can be long and time-consuming, especially if you are fortunate enough to have many candidates to choose from. While the above-mentioned signs only scratch the surface, they should help to quickly filter out the less than serious options when you’re seeking out the services of a digital marketer.

Imran Gill
Imran Gill

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