Chris Evans is trending on Twitter due to a leaked nude pic of himself

The former marvel star got a Twitter trend after he got his naked pic revealed removed on the Social media on September 12. Chris Evans was playing a heads up game with his friends on a small clip and in the end, the actor got a black and white photo revealing his naked display. It got incredibly trending and viral at the same time suggesting the actor to delete it immediately as it wasn’t something accurate to post on social media.

Aside, Chris Evans is trending on Twitter due to a leaked nude pic of himself and the camera caption read “Guard that p-sy” with the tag option. And not just one, but over 205,000 tweets got it re-tweeted over and over again.

Lots of fans of the former Captain America got over brilliant suggestions to make sure he wasn’t roasted badly. One of his fans made a comment saying that Evans leaked his nude pic just to save 2020 from more causalities.

taken form twitter

Other fans got their humor twisting other former stars as one mentioned how he should get editing tips from Kim Kardashians. That was indeed sarcastic to a good extent. But some others went to the extreme and said, “Chris Evans being nude is a complete mensch and lovely thing to see”. Going to its meaning, every word of that sentence is true indeed.

Chris Evans photo wasn’t just a leak, it made a whole new lot of trends as fans made their timeline full and others cleared in a small time. That indeed did work out, since there was also a potential reason for his account getting hacked.

Twitter fans of Chris Evans not only got his video less trending but also started to tweet their nude leaks. This brought out another bunch of trending pics of all fans in the limelight.

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