Bobizard’s Net worth, Career, Personal, and Early Life

Bobizard is a famous gamer and Youtuber personally in the USA. His native is New York, and he came to this world on February 3, 1987. Though his real name is Bobby, most people know him by his online name Bobizard. There are no accurate details available about his parents and siblings, but he has a pet dog, Dexter, and Bobby got better education and guidance from his parents. 

Bobby is 35 and now a full-time YouTuber famous for his game streams. He started streaming games after graduation and had more passion for games from childhood. So, that is the primary driving key that makes him create a channel for uploading various gameplays that many people love. So, these are the early life details about Bobizard.  

Bobizard’s Personal Life

The love story of Bobby is more interesting, and he has been in a relationship with LaurenzSide, a famous YouTuber. Bobby and her girlfriend went to the same college to learn video production, which is the starting point of their love story. Later they started moving their relationship to the next level and married on August 20, 2016. After their marriage, the lovely couple moved from manhattan to New Jersey for personal reasons.

Bobby’s first-anniversary trip is to Ireland, and the couple had a good time there. They post lovely pictures of themselves on their social media handles, and most get more likes and comments from their followers. Apart from gaming, some people are fans of this lovely couple’s posts too, which is the primary reason behind the popularity of Bobby and his wife on social media. 

Bobizard’s Family

Bobizard posts many pictures with his family members on his social media account, but no accurate details are available about them, not even their names. The only family member familiar with the online world is his wife, LaurenzSide, who is also because she is a YouTuber. So, rather than that, no proper details are available about Bobby’s parents and his siblings. 

Personal details of Bobizard

Place of birthNew York, United States USA
Birthday, Date of birthFebruary 03, 1987
ReligionNot known
Colors of EyesGrey
Colors of hairBlonde
Net worth$1-5 million

Body measurements of Bobizard

HeightNot known
WeightNot known
Bra SizeNot known
Body measurementsNot known
Breast sizeNot known
Waist sizeNot known
Hips sizeNot known
Shoe sizeNot known
Dress sizeNot known

Bobizard’s Education Life

After completing his schooling, Bobby chooses a college degree in video production. So, according to his age, he might have graduated from college, which is his highest educational qualification. Bobby likes to keep his details low, which is why most of his family and academic qualifications data are unknown. So, these are some educational details available about Bobby. 

Bobizard’s Professional Life

In the initial stages, Bobizard worked in a wall street journal for ten years, and later, he realized that he was not the perfect fit for that job and started his gaming career. He admitted it in various interview videos. At the beginning of this channel, he uploaded different game reaction videos, and he began to create those videos with the massive inspiration of her wife. So, that is the starting point of the Bobizard channel. On April 30, 2016, he started his YouTube journey with more engaging content.

He started uploading lives on the Pokemon game, making him more popular among the fans who love that game. It’s because his channel is the only resource that posts live videos on that particular game. Similarly, he got 60k subscribers at the beginning, and later it kept growing. These are some of the professional details to know about Bobizard. 

Bobizard’s YouTube life

Game streaming was the first video of Bobizard on his YouTube channel on April 2016, and the title of that video is “happy wheels Ep.1 – First Time Father”. He also uploads various game lives like Five nights at Freddy’s, Minecraft, Pokemon, and Destiny 2. Besides these games, he also uploads videos of unique games attractive to people. 

Besides games, he also posts various vlogs, including his wife and daughter. So, the videos of him like “A good husband for LaurenzSide – The ultimate Marriage Test!, Finding bigfoot with Laurenzside- live stream are some of the popular videos that help him to gain more views and followers for his channel. These are some facts that help to understand the YouTube life of Bobizard. 

Bobizard’s musical life

Bobby is the best gamer and popular YouTuber, so he is more interested in gaming and social media interaction with people. But, compared to these, he has less interest in music. He chooses better music bits for his videos, which helps him understand his choice of music, and also allows him to improve his video quality. In most YouTube videos, music is the main attraction that is the only relationship between board and music. 

Bobizard’s social media handles

Bobizard is active on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. So, people who like him for his content are his prominent followers on all these social media platforms. On Instagram, he has 88.2k followers, and his username is @bobizard13. Similarly, he has 38k followers on Twitter with the username @Bobizard13. 

Bobizard’s rumors and controversies

Bobby and his wife are more popular YouTubers in gaming, and they have several achievements on that particular social media platform. But, no rumors or controversies are available about Bobby and his wife. Bobizard doesn’t undergo any issues on his professional or personal side. That is all because of his character and behavior in the public domain. 

Bobizard’s Net worth

Bobizard earns from his YouTube videos, but other than that, he doesn’t have any alternative revenue flow. So, the net worth of Bobizard is about $1-5 million. Though no accurate revenue details are available about him, most people believe his revenue will be within this range. So, other than these details, there are no precise property details available about Bobizard. 

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