Bobbi Raffel Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Bobbi Roberta Raffel took birth on September 21st, 1953, in an unspecified place in The United States of America. She is a businesswoman herself but gained recognition for Marcus Lemonis’s wife, another successful businessman. He starred in a reality show “Profit,” which dealt with setting up small businesses. He is the founder and CEO of three companies, Champing World, Gander Outdoors, and Good Sam Enterprises.

Career And Life

Bobbi is a secretive person and prefers not to share her details with the media. However, she previously worked as a manager of sales and is connected to the industry of fashion. During a business-related rendezvous, she met Marcus for the first time. 

It was later revealed that Marcus had bought his wife’s business, and since then, the couple began to collaborate frequently, which developed the relationship between them. She has played a great part in her husband’s endeavors of business. Their company often shares collaborations with the retail store company MARCUS, helping to do big in global fashion brands. Still, MARCUS as a company has been inactive recently, and their website is also not available. 

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Short Intro About Marcus Lemonis

Marcus was born in Lebanon during the civil war and regular foreign invasions. He was an abandoned child left in an orphanage and was luckily adopted by a Florida-based couple. It was a very rich family, and they had a huge Chevrolet dealership all around the United States of America. With the help of his friend Lee Loccoca, his business endeavors started to kick-start. He is a Marquette University graduate in political science. After her grads, he tried his luck to be a politician must he was unsuccessful. He so returned to his roots, the automotive industry, and started working in the car dealership established by his grandfather. And then his friend Iaccoca came up with a great idea of setting up a huge RV chain. 

Business Successes Till Now 

With the RV chain automotive business he set up with his friend, he has been the CEO for a couple of years. Then he became the founding partnersofFreedomRoads Company and united his business too under the same banner. Next year, his company merged with another one named Camping World, with him serving as the CEO, and later merged with Sam Good Enterprises, retaining himself as the CEO. As of late 2016, his wealth is probably around 253 million US dollars, with his company having dealerships in 36 US states. 

Personal Life 

Lemonis married Raffel in the year 2018 after dating her for about a year or so. The marriage attracted media attention as Raffel is two decades older than him Lemonis. Moreover, she was the one who approached him for the marriage and convinced him to buy her business. However, after their marriage, the couple decided to stay away from media attention as much as possible, so enough details are not found. 

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