BlueEyedjackson’s Net worth, Career, Personal, and Early Life

Paige Jackson is the original name of BlueEyedjackson, and she is one of the most popular YouTube sensations in the US. August 07, 2003, is the Date of birth of Paige Jackson, and she was born in the United States of America. Though she is 19 years old, according to 2022, all her videos on her social media handles have more followers, making her more prevalent among people. 

Her parents are more supportive and have an exciting love story that explains the happiness in their family. Paige Jackson’s parents were friends as teenagers, and later they fell in love with each other and created their family with one boy and a girl child. So, BlueEyedjackson is the second-born girl child. Similarly, she posts various family pics on her social media accounts but has no proper details about her parents and brother. 

BlueEyedjackson’s Personal life

Though she is too young and has more dreams about her career, she is currently single. But, many trustable resources say that Paige Jackson may have dated somebody, and she refuses to provide all the details about those dates. So, no details about her personal life are available, and she likes to keep them hidden from the public. She has more time and age to find her perfect love and start their life. 

Talking about the personal life of BlueEyedjackson, people need to know that no personal allegations or issues are available about her career. Similarly, she enjoys her life with her friends and family and even by posting various things on her social media handles. So, these are some personal details that people need to know about BlueEyedjackson. 

BlueEyedjackson’s Family

BlueEyedJacckson is from a cute family of four members, including her father, mother, brother, and herself. Though Paige Jackson posts several pictures of her family members on social media, there are no accurate details about her father and mother. The only data available about her family is her brother’s name, Eli. 

Like most other social media celebrities, Paige also doesn’t like exposing her parent’s details to the public eye. But lots of photos of them are available on her social media handle. But no precise details are known about them. Similarly, there are no accurate details available about her parent’s occupation. 

Personal details of BlueEyedjackson

Place of BirthUSA
Birthday, Date of birthAugust 07, 2003
Real namePaige Jackson
ProfessionSocial media star
EthnicityNot known
ReligionNot known
Color of EyesBlue eyes
Color of hairBlonde
Net worthNot known

Body measurements of BlueEyedJackson

HeightNot known
WeightNot known
Bra SizeNot known
Body measurementsNot known
Breast SizeNot known
Waist SizeNot known
Hips sizeNot known
Shoe sizeNot known
Dress sizeNot known

BlueEyedJackson’s Professional Life

BlueEyedJackson, or Paige Jackson, is a young social media star who started her journey before her teenage years. On her channel, she shares more content regarding random topics and posts videos that include challenges, beauty, hair-related tips, and many more. Her other social media accounts also have various ranges that most people follow and enjoy. Her passion for social media content helped her to sustain with popularity. 

Her channel contains various unique topics like hairdressing, cooking, baking, skincare, and sign language. Each kind of video will have several views and likes from her followers, and each of them will have more shares, making them popular among many people and making her a social media star. 

BlueEyedJackson’s YouTube Life

BlueEyedJackson started her YouTube channel on her brother’s birthday and created a called A mermaid’s journey series. At the initial stage of her social media account, she posted various videos related to different topics. Each of them worked well by increasing the viewers and subscriber count. Most of her content will be attractive and suitable for kids her age and also attract some older adults. 

On Paige’s channel, “How to French braid your own hair into Pigtails,” is the first video that BlueEyedJackson posted on her social media account. Other than this, A Dangerous quest in A mermaid’s story Episode 3 and a mermaid in captivity Episode 7 are some of the popular videos of BlueEyedJackson. So, all these are the details people need to know about the YouTube life of Paige Jackson. 

BlueEyedJackson’s Musical Life

Though BlueEyedJackson is more interested in creating content for social media accounts, she needs to handle various music tracks for her videos. But, other than that, she has no particular interest in music. Most of the videos available on her social media accounts will have a better music selection, which will help people know about the music choice of BlueEyedJackson. 

BlueEyedJackson’s Social media handles

Most of the social media handles of BlueEyedJackson will have more followers than many upcoming adult social media stars. On her Instagram account @blue_eyed_jackson, she has 12.3k followers, increasing daily. She also has a Twitter account, of which she has approximately 2k followers. 

Her YouTube account has over 283k subscribers, and due to her video and content quality, it keeps increasing yearly. She also has an account on Facebook with a minimum of 1k followers, and among all the social media platforms, Facebook is the platform that has fewer followers. So, all these are the details about social media handles. 

BlueEyedJackson’s Rumors and Controversies

Though Paige Jackson is too young, there are no rumors or controversies available about her, and she has a most entertaining character that makes her more popular among people. So, if she continues to remain the same throughout her life will help her to get a better future without struggling with various rumors and controversies. So, these are some details to know about the made-up stories and discussions available with BlueEyedJackson.

BlueEyedJackson’s Net worth

The primary revenue source for BlueEyedJackson is social media; other than that, she doesn’t have any additional income. But, like most of her details, there is no detail available about her actual net worth. So, most sites are trying to figure it out, but she has a good amount of money generated from her videos on social media platforms. 

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