Blowek’s Net worth, Career, Personal, and Early Life

Karol Gazwa is the actual name of Blowek, and he is one of the most popular YouTubers and Minecraft gamers in Poland. December 17, 1996, is the birthday of Blowek, born in Warsaw, Poland. Blowek started his channel to share various kinds of videos with unique content and is more passionate about his profession. In his childhood, he lived with his family in their native. 

Most current social media celebrities don’t like to expose some of their details and do these things for their safety. So, for that reason, no useful information about him and his family is available. Though Blowek posts several pics on social media with his parents and friends, he will not mention any names of them. Similarly, there are no accurate details available about his childhood life also. 

Blowek’s Personal Life

According to reliable resources, Blowek is single, and currently, he is not in any relationship. Similarly, no accurate details are available about his previous relationship or engagements. So, besides these kinds of relationships, his personal life is perfect with his career, and he creates various unique videos that entertain his followers. 

Blowek has hobbies like reading, photography, learning, and internet surfing. So, he works with all these things in his time and has various interests to handle in his personal life. So, all these are details about the personal life of Karol Gazwa. 

Blowek’s Family

Blowek is a famous social media star and has also been one of the most popular games on the internet. But, though he is popular, there are no accurate details about him on social media. People following Blowek on social media platforms may see his parents on individual posts he uploads. Still, there are now proper details like name, occupation, and other further details are not available.  

Personal details of Blowek

Place of BirthWarsaw, Poland
Birthday, Date of birthDecember 17, 1996
Real nameKarol Gazwa
EthnicityNot known
ReligionNot known
Color of EyesBrown
Color of hairBlonde
Net worth$1 million

Body measurements of Blowek

Height5 ft 11 inch or 156cms
WeightNot known
Bra sizeNot known
Body measurementsNot known
Breast SizeNot known
Waist sizeNot known
Hips sizeNot known
Shoe sizeNot known
Dress sizeNot known

Blowek’s education life

Like most personal information, Blowek’s educational information is also unavailable. But most trustable sources say that he has graduated from one of the reputed institutions in Poland, which is his academic qualification. But, that data is inaccurate, and there is no good detail about what he studied. So, this is some detail about Blowek’s education. 

Blowek’s Professional Life

Posting videos on YouTube is his full-time profession of Karol Gazwa, and he is also a Minecraft gamer. So, people who are followers of him can also see him playing games online. On YouTube, he posts several kinds of videos with unique content styles, which is the secret behind his popularity. Many people who are following him like his way of video making. He also launched a book named become “YouTube-herm.” 

Mostly he posts life hack videos and other unique content in his native language. Most of his channel’s followers are from Poland, and many people also follow him overseas. So, all this popularity helps him to achieve more. In 2019 he had a channel called MinecraftBlow that was associated with the Minecraft game. As of 2014, he is the person who runs the 4th largest channel in Poland. 

Blowek’s YouTube Life

Karol Gazwa (Blowek) started his YouTube channel on April 13. 2011, he started posting unique videos, including several life hack videos. The current total subscriber count for his channel is about 4.52 million, and by calculating all the videos, the entire view count of all his videos is about 855 million. He also got more shares and comments that helped him to understand his subscribers. 

The life hack videos like “TESTIJEMY POPULARNE LIFEHACKI Z TIKTOKA 34 *what*, “WYKRYWACZ KLAMSTW ze STUU Z TEAN X, and TESTUJEMY POPULARNE LIFEHACKI Z TIKTOKA 33 *za free” are some of the popular videos of Blowek. Most of his content has more responses from his audience, and the quality of his work attracted many people. 

He achieved many things through his channel, and in 2019 he appeared in a TV program called Report renovation. Similarly, his most popular video of him is “Znowu Mam Bana’- A Minecraft parody. Likewise, he has more attractive videos that increase the view count of his videos. So, these are some details about the YouTube life of Blowek. 

Blowek’s musical life

Most YouTube videos of Blowek will have perfect-quality background music, which is also the reason behind the popularity of his channel. But other than that, he doesn’t have any interest in music. Similarly, he uses perfect-sounding music for his videos to get more viewers for his channel. So, these are the only connection he has with music. All these are some details about the musical life of Blowek. 

Blowek’s social media handles

Blowek has accounts in most social media accounts; each of them will have high followers and subscribers. On Instagram, he has 1.7 million followers; on Facebook, he has 80k followers; on YouTuber, he has more than 4.6 million subscribers. So, these data will clear the point about his popularity. It also helps to know the quality of his content that attracts these many people. So, these are some details to know about the social media handles of blowek. 

Blowek’s Rumors and controversies

Blowek is the most popular YouTuber in Poland and has more fans for his unique creative content. But, though he is famous, he has no rumors or controversies around him. Similarly, he is not in any relationship, and no relationship-oriented rumors are also not available about Blowek. 

Blowek’s Net worth

According to some strange resources, the net worth of blower is about $1 million, mostly from his YouTube channel. It’s because he doesn’t have any other kind of revenue stream available for getting alternative resources for living. So, most of his money is from his YouTube channel. So, all these are the points about the net worth of Blowek. He uses them for his living and gains more as his viewers increase in all his social media accounts. 

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