BlackPanthaa’s Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life

YouTube has become one of the sole sources of information for several people. The major reason for this is that most people have started to connect information through audio and visual modes. This has turned out to be greatly acceptable amongst all. That is why several YouTubers are evolving in different countries with ideas of their own to appeal to people. One of the most highly rising communities has included people from the gaming industry. Blackpanthaa is one of the people who has taken advantage of this growth and established a channel of his own. 

BlackPanthaa’s Early Life

Blackpanthaa’s real name is Theo Thomas. He was born on 4th January 1995 in Guildford, England. His zodiac sign is Capricorn and we have no idea whether he has siblings or not. He has chosen not to share anything about his parents on the social media front as well. 

We have no idea about his origins or ethnicity. It seems that although he is one of the best entertainers of his age, he is indeed one of the people who take care of his privacy like it is no one else’s business.  

BlackPanthaa’s Personal Life              

Blackpanthaa is a very focused gamer. He is entirely focused on his career and he doesn’t want to get involved in any kind of relationship now. He has not even talked about his parents till now. He has often mentioned that he will need to be strong in his own career before he falls in love. 

BlackPanthaa had some affairs in the past which have no significance now. Blackpanthaa is entirely focused on his own career. He has also decided to stay away from all kinds of controversies so that his image is not tainted in any manner. 

BlackPanthaa’s Family

Blackpanthaa has refused to share anything about his family or parents. He seems to be a very secretive person who wants to keep his personal life within the closet. He has a good sense of humor and he is able to connect with all of his fans. 

This shows that he is quite an amicable person. Probably, this is a behavior that he has picked up from his parents. We do not have information on whether he has any younger or older siblings. We should provide him the time to come out in regard to this particular case. 

Blackpanthaa’s Educational Life

Blackpanthaa is one of the youngest people who has entered the gaming world and is trying to make his place among numerous other people. Blackpanthaa has not shared any information about his college or school education.  

According to his age, he must be either in the first stages of college or university at this time. However, it is also possible that he has taken a break in his career in order to gain more experience in the field of gaming and the associated videos. We have to wait until he is ready to share information regarding this on his own. 

Personal Details of Blackpanthaa

Place of BirthGuildford, United
Birthday, Date of Birth4th January, 1996  
Real NameTheo Thomas  
ProfessionGaming Personality and YouTuber  
EthnicityNot known  
ReligionNot known  
Color of eyesBlack  
Color of hairBlack  
Net Worth1.54 million USD  

Body Measurements of Blackpanthaa

PhysiqueTall and handsome  
Height5 feet 5 inches or 167.6cm  
Weight55 kg or 121.25 lbs  
Bra SizeNot applicable  
Body MeasurementsNot known
Breast SizeNot known
Waist SizeNot known  
Hips SizeNot known
Shoe SizeNot known  
Dress SizeNot known  

Blackpanthaa’s Professional Life

Blackpanthaa was interested in the field of gaming for a very long time. This introduced him to some of the most popular games which are already played by millions of people across the world. He started to observe these games and make observatory videos on them. His videos include the methods through which he can play in order to gain the best advantage. Along with this, he has also tried to design ideas that are related to streaming these games. He also makes reaction videos for several games and automobile designs. All of these videos have started to get really famous and Blackpanthaa has also opened another account under a different name in order to handle different types of videos.

His second account is made with his real name, Theo Thomas. He is quite enthusiastic about cars as well. That is why he has left his Blackpanthaa account to discuss different gaming measures and this new account to talk about cars and their parts. This account is growing to be quite popular as well. He has already received requests for endorsement from several organizations because of his ability to convey games in an easy language.

Blackpanthaa’s Social Media Handles

Blackpanthaa is a cool person on the internet and he has a strong ability to mobilize the crowd. His Instagram account has about 80.9k followers and his Facebook page has 9k followers. More than 51.1k people follow him on Twitter. His main presence is on YouTube. 976k people follow him on his YouTube channel. Even the new account which has opened has more than 78k subscribers. 

Blackpanthaa’s Rumors And Controversies

Blackpanthaa is one of the strongest personalities. He has stayed away from all kinds of scandals because that would be a threat to his ongoing career. He is entirely focused on his video and gaming. It will be difficult to stray him from his path because of his complete dedication.    

Blackpanthaa’s Net Worth

Blackpanthaa is very young. He is already earning a huge amount of money from this young and this speaks about his perseverance and strength. His net worth is 1.54 million USD. It is expected that with a given amount of time, Blackpanthaa will be able to earn greater money than he owns at this moment. This will be quite instrumental for his career. 

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