Black lives Matter controversy has made to remove selling popular cheese in Costco.

Costco has stopped selling the products that are produced by the Pimento cheese brand. The owner of this brand is the major of South California who called up for Antifa movements and black lives matters, which are known to be the terror organizations. Brain Henry who is the major of Pawleys Island and is the owner of Pimento cheese, stated that the products manufactured by the company are pulled down. The cheese item would be rotated in and out. However, the owner is optimistic about the removal of their products from Costco that they would be back to the supermarket shelves soon.

When the reporters have reached to listen to the comments of Costco, there is no one to comment about the Pimento cheese brand. The Georgetown times have posted a photo showing that the Myrtle Beach Costco store has stopped selling the cheese products of the Pimento brand. Costco would not re-order the cheese in the future.

Moreover, this product has been removed from over 120 stores of Costco that are located in different places. There are a few consumers who have boycotted the products of Pimento and receive a huge backlash on the internet. In these controversial talks, there is a matter of unrelated fatal shooting been tied up to this issue? The controversial post that is published by Henry is considered to be racism. Later, Henry deleted the post and apologized to the public as per the Sun-News. He also stated that the comments are hurtful and thoughtless. Henry politely stated people to reconsider the thought of boycotting Pimento. However, there are around 9100 stores in 44 states, including Washington DC, where the cheese is being sold according to the report published on the Pimento website. There are also offers given on this cheese to the customers.

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