Billy B.E.A.M SQUAD’s Net Worth, Career, Personal, and Early Life

On October 14, 1990, Billy Bentley was born. He was born in Florida in the United States and is an American citizen. Only that he had a brother named Jimbo-Lee “Jimmy” is what is known about his family. From his early years, he has always been pretty intriguing. He is currently 31 years old, and people adore him for his distinctive personality. His early years and personal life are little known. His life’s passion is to show off his talent to the fullest because he is a professional YouTuber. However, he has had a strong affinity for it since he was little. This is how he developed a complex and endearing personality as a child. 

Billy B.E.A.M SQUAD’s Personal Life

Billy’s personal life has been rather amazing. He has served as an example for YouTube enthusiasts and has always been devoted and diligent in his personal life. About his parents, not much is known. He has never discussed his educational background. We can learn about him and his beliefs online. He makes his living as a YouTuber. He enjoys exploring new places while traveling. He enjoys getting to know new people and discovering their customs. He journeys across the globe for both personal and other purposes.  

Billy B.E.A.M SQUAD’s Family

Evanie B.E.A.M. SQUAD is the wife of Billy Bentley. He will get notoriety thanks to her. She can positively add to his work life. Messiah and Major blessed them with two gorgeous sons, and they have a wonderful family connection. They even have a daughter with name Melly. She is always a favorite of her parents, and all of the things that her parents do to show their appreciation for their three children seem to be inspired by the kids. 

Personal Details of Billy B.E.A.M SQUAD

Place of BirthFlorida, USA
Birthday, Date of BirthOctober 14, 1990
Real NameBilly Bentley
EthnicityNot Known
Color of eyesBlack
Color of hairBlack
Net Worth$1.95 million.

Body measurements of Billy B.E.A.M SQUAD

Height5 feet 9 inches (or) 175.26 cm
Weight70 Kilograms or 154.324 lbs
Bra SizeNot Known
Body MeasurementsNot Known
Breast SizeNot Known
Waist SizeNot Known
Hips SizeNot Known
Shoe SizeNot Known
Dress SizeNot Known

Billy B.E.A.M SQUAD’s Education Life

Billy has picked up multiple languages because of his passion for travel. This makes interacting with people from all over the world on YouTube simple. Billy becomes more charismatic as he interacts with others. About his parents and his academic career, little is known. It is assumed that Billy has high academic credentials. He can get along with others without any issues, which demonstrates his ability to interact with peers.

Billy B.E.A.M SQUAD’s Professional Life

Billy is a well-known YouTuber at work. To put it another way, he is the most well-known YouTube personality. He is the founder of the family-run YouTube channel B.E.A.M. SQUAD, and Evanie has always been a collaborator and supporter of the project. They started their YouTube channel in 2015. They have more than 1.6 million subscribers and have amassed 325 million views collectively. They have since released their vlogs and practical jokes, and the encounter has been entertaining and long-lasting. 

A “Girlfriend tag” video was posted by Evanie to her YouTube channel in December 2016. Billy is a forex trader as well. The YouTuber enjoys going on excursions. The son’s YouTube account is managed by the father and mother. Of course, the pair has a sizable fan base with three million subscribers. Billy turned his private YouTube channel, which the man has, into a reliable source of income. The network goes by the name “Super Siah Gaming.” Giuseppe, Jimmy Choo, Zanotti, and Prestige Imports are some of his favorite labels. He has a white BMW and a Bentley that is metallic in hue. 

Billy B.E.A.M SQUAD’s YouTube Life

Billy Bentley has the most promising YouTube career. The YouTube channel has faced numerous criticisms throughout the years. However, Billy and his wife did make a movie that explained the actual circumstances. They occasionally made terrible YouTube choices, and once, they were held without charge. The couples were investigated, and they both freely admitted that they’d made mistakes throughout their lives. 

Billy B.E.A.M SQUAD’s Musical Life

Music has always been a part of Squad’s life. Billy had a strong enthusiasm for music. He has tested out several musical screen tricks. His wife has been a key supporter of his artistic endeavors. The two have shown their enthusiasm for the format. The entire time, there is true musical essence. 

Billy B.E.A.M SQUAD’s Social media handles

Billy is renowned for having a fantastic online presence. He is a renowned T.V. host with a broad set of skills. Their Instagram account for Billy is “@billybentley007.” The account helped him gain 594k followers. Due to his ‘B.E.A.M. SQUAD’ YouTube channel’s 2.12 million subscribers, Billy has a wider fan base. Along with that, he runs the “B.E. Unfiltered” channel. He has gained 132k new subscribers as a result. Billy also runs the 4.2 million-subscriber “Super Siah” YouTube channel. 

Billy B.E.A.M SQUAD’s Rumours and controversies 

Billy was never a part of any disputes or rumors. However, his wife came clean and said that they had once erred and were thus put on trial. However, Billy Bentley is unblemished and devoid of rumors despite all the excitement. 

Billy B.E.A.M SQUAD’s Net worth

The social media presence of Billy Bentley is somewhat well-known. Any kind of situation can be managed by him. His Instagram account has a sizable following, with at least 594k followers. On Twitter, he may be seen commenting on posts. He effectively controls the YouTube channel with his wife. Billy engages in beneficial social media activities. Billy’s career has helped him become quite well-known. His true net worth is believed to be $1.95 million.

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