Beverly D’Angelo’s Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life

Acting is one of the toughest careers to follow because one has to adapt to a certain kind of role that he or she is not in real life. That is why most people do not go out for this career to make sure that they have a secure future. However, there are brave hearts like Beverly De Angelo who have decided to get into the career of acting and have definitely flourished in it to a great extent. Let us get to know how she came on to this career and which are the ways she has gained such immense success. 

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Beverly D’Angelo’s Early Life

Beverly D’Angelo came to earth with her beautiful smile on 15th November 1951. She was born in Upper Arlington, Ohio, United States of America. She is the daughter of Eugene Constantino and Priscilla Ruth. Her grandfather was Howard Dwight Smith who was a very famous architect. 

Both of her parents were quite cultural in nature. Her mother was a famous violinist and her father was a bass player. She is a single daughter who got all the attention of her parents without any hitch. She did have three other brothers who are very close to her. They are Jeff, Tim and Tony. She seems to have a very talkative nature. 

Beverly D’Angelo’s Personal Life                   

Beverly D’Angelo had a very colorful life in terms of romance. She was first married to Lorenzo Salviati. They were married for a few years only. It seems that their marriage couldn’t manage two working actors in the same home. She also dated Anton Furst after this. Anton committed suicide after a few years and the relationship could not last long. 

She also had a long-lasting relationship with Al Pacino. However, they did not exchange any vow and it seems that they are satisfied with their two children, Olivia and James Pacino. She has dated several people till now but it is clear that she is leading a single life now. 

Beverly D’Angelo’s Family

Beverly D’Angelo had a very beautiful childhood while she was growing up because of her parents and siblings. Both of her parents were associated with the musical World which helped her to inherit musical genes. She has some Mexican ancestry on her. 

Beverly has often shared that she was very talkative in her childhood and had a musical lilt in her voice. Beverly D’Angelo often credits her musical skills to her parents, especially her mother. She is 70 years old at the moment and she has lived a happy and long life with all of her family members. 

Beverly D’Angelo’s Educational Life

Beverly D’Angelo had an active interest in music and theater when she was young. She pursued most of her educational prowess in Los Angeles. She had shown an active interest in the field of drama when she was young. This modified into her passion for acting as well. She was extremely interested in the world of Hannah Barbara. She was always way too much interested in rock and jazz music. Beverly was initially interested in the field of music as well. Slowly her career transitioned in a better direction. 

Personal Details of Beverly D’Angelo

Place of BirthUpper Arlington, Ohio, The United States of America
Birthday, Date of Birth15th November 1951  
Real NameBeverly D’Angelo  
ProfessionMusician and Actor  
Sexuality  Straight
Color of eyesBlue  
Color of hairBrown  
Net Worth$20 Million  

Body Measurements of Beverly D’Angelo

PhysiquePretty and Slim  
Height5 feet 2 inches or 155 cm  
Weight61 kg or 135 lbs  
Bra Size34C  
Body Measurements37-25-37 inches or 94-63-94 cm
Breast Size37 inches or 94 cm
Waist Size25 inches or 63 cm  
Hips Size37 inches or 94 cm
Shoe Size8 US or 6 UK or 39 EU  
Dress Size6 US or 10 UK or 38 EU  

Beverly D’Angelo’s Professional Life

Beverly D’Angelo was extremely interested in the field of music from a very young age. She left no room for excuses when she started getting into her rock singing career. She worked as a vocalist during this period and at the same time, did not leave her work in Hana Barbera studios. Her band is quite popular now and she did not lose connection with any of her old band members. 

In the set of Simpatico, D’Angelo performed along with Ed Harris. She became very popular in the Hollywood industry. She never had to look back again after she had performed in “Every which way or lose”, and “Hair”. She has lent her voice to many characters in animation. She has also won many Golden Globe awards. 

Beverly D’Angelo’s Social Media Handles

Beverly D’Angelo has always stayed away from most social media platforms. She is not very social but her fans have stated often that she is friendly in person. Her Facebook has about 2k followers. Beverly D’Angelo also has 109 followers on Instagram. The number is very low at the moment. It does not seem that she is interested in increasing the total number of followers. 

Beverly D’Angelo’s Rumors and Controversies

Beverly D’Angelo is one of the best actors in her field. She is talented in several aspects and has a wonderful personality. She has been away from all kinds of scandals and controversies till now. Beverly is one of the cleanest personalities in the industry. She has been associated with a number of other personalities in the case of romantic relationships as well. She also has two children out of wedlock with Al Pacino. 

Beverly D’Angelo’s Net Worth

Beverly D’Angelo is a very influential actress of the present time. She has a net worth of 20 million USD. She is leading a very lavish life at the moment at the age of 60 years. She seems to earn even now through the work she has done before. It is indeed very great to see that a veteran actor is enjoying life after her retirement with the wealth she has amassed over her lifetime. 

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