Bette Midler’s Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life

Music has always been the heart and soul of every person. There is rarely someone who you will find that does not appreciate good music. Since this number of people is very few, it is easy to consider the worth of music in very absolute terms. Bette Midler is one of the most famous American singers and musicians who have brought a new dimension to musical journeys on the American platform. Let us get to know a bit about the advances in her career and how she came to be known in the name of fame.

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Bette Midler’s Early Life

Bette Midler was born on 1st December 1945. She is 74 years at the moment and was born under the horoscope sign of Sagittarius. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, one of the most idyllic places on earth. Her parents were Fed and Ruth Midler. She had a very simple childhood. 

Her parents were always quite supportive of what she wanted in her life. They lived in an Asian neighborhood as one of the only Jewish families. This did not play against her in any manner. Her mother worked as a seamstress whereas her father was a painter. Both of them were born in New Jersey. Their professions helped Bette to explore her creative side.

Bette Midler’s Personal Life                

Bette Midler is married to one of her fellow artists, Martin von Haselborg. The couple tied the knot on 16th December 1984. They seemed to be very happy. The strange thing is that the couple decided to wed each other just after six weeks of knowing each other. 

They married in a chapel which was completed by the presence of an Elvis impersonator as an officiator. The couple has a daughter named Sophie von Haselberg. She is also working as an actress at the moment. It is indeed quite adorable to see how the entire family has come together just after the parents met for the first time ever!

Bette Midler’s Family

Bette Midler was quite happy in her personal life as she was growing up. She seemed to have two loving parents. Her mother Ruth worked as a seamstress in her Jewish neighborhood. Her father worked as a painter at the Navy base. He also worked as a house painter on many occasions. The young musician had spent her entire childhood in Alea. She also has three siblings. They are Daniel, Judith and Susan Midlers. All of them have grown to be quite old now.  

Bette Midler’s Educational Life

Bette Midler had started her first step of schooling at Radford high school. The school is located in Honolulu and her parents did not have to send her far away for her primary education. She was quite popular among her peers. She won a number of awards like “Most Talkative”, and “Most Dramatic? Et cetera in her senior classes. 

In order to increase her attention to the field of drama, she applied for the drama course at the University of Hawaii in Manoa. She did not like the course and left it after her third semester. She also studied theatre in the HB studio. She was taught by Uta Hagen in this field.

Personal Details of Bette Midler

Place of BirthAlea, Honolulu, Hawaii
Birthday, Date of Birth1st December 1945  
Real NameBette Midler  
Sexuality  Straight
Color of eyesGray  
Color of hairBlonde  
Net Worth$230 Million  

Body Measurements of Bette Midler

PhysiquePretty and Slim  
Height5 feet 1 inch or 155 cm  
Weight68 kg or 160 lbs  
Bra Size36C  
Body Measurements36-29-36 inches or 91-74-91 cm
Breast Size36 inches or 91 cm
Waist Size29 inches or 74 cm  
Hips Size36 inches or 91 cm
Shoe Size7 US or 5 UK or 37.5 EU  
Dress SizeNot known  

Bette Midler’s Professional Life

Bette Midler earned her first stipend while acting as an uncredited seasick passenger in a 1966 film, Hawaii. This did not make it into her CV because she did not like the role to the very least. Later she performed her first professional role in the Off-Off-Broadway plays of Tom Eyen. These shows were Miss Nefertiti’s Regrets and Cinderella Revisited. In December of 1972, she released her debut album for the first time. The second album was released by the end of 1973. 

Bette continued to work as a singer and model through the 1980s. She finally stopped her endeavors in these fields in the 21st century. She still released songs on her albums but appeared less and less on screen. It was probably the time, Bette Midler decided to step back from her career of acting and focus solely on her musical career. She even starred in her own sitcom where she played her own role.

Bette Midler’s Social Media Handles

Bette Midler is a very successful singer and actress. She is not much active on social media platforms. It is probably because she is older than the current actresses and musicians. She seemed to have a neutral presence on Twitter and Instagram. Bette is 74 years old and it is not expected that she will handle social media like a professional. Still, she has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 1.8 million followers on Twitter.

Bette Midler’s Rumors and Controversies

Bette Midler is one of the veteran actors and musicians in the field. There is very little chance that one would throw ink on her character or career life when she has almost reached the age of a senior citizen. She is very much respected by her fellow stars and also by her juniors. 

Bette had once worked in a horror film named hocus pocus. There were rumors that the movie might be based on a real story. There are controversies when everyone thought that she might be abusive towards women and black people in general. She had to apologize for her behavior in these cases.

Bette Midler’s Net Worth

Bette Midler is a very rich actress and singer. It is estimated that her net worth is almost equivalent to 230 million USD. The yearly income of this veteran actor and musician seems to be 3.26 million USD on a rough scale. It is quite impressive that she has been able to hold her fort in terms of income even when there are new singers emerging every day.

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