BestDressed’s Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life

Fashion always seems to be so high end that you cannot follow the trends, no matter how much you try. It can help people to design their lifestyle in such a manner that it aligns with modern society and adds a bit of swag to your life as well. Ashley is one of the YouTube stars who have designed her own channel in order to provide fashion tips to people that they can follow at a very low price. Her YouTube channel is known as BestDressed.

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BestDressed’s Early Life

BestDressed is actually known as Ashley who is just 24 years old. She was born on 4th May 1998. Her birth sign is Taurus and she was born in the United States of America. Her parents are immigrants. They are the first ones in their family to move from one place to another. This helped Ashley to gain a lot of exposure to different lifestyles as she was growing up. 

BestDressed’s father is originally from London, the United Kingdom. On the other hand, her mother had the nationality of Burma and was Chinese by her ethnicity and roots. This helped Ashley to see different types of lifestyle and fashion trends as she was growing up.

BestDressed’s Personal Life                

BestDressed or Ashley is in a very loving relationship with her trainer, David Camus. The two seemed to be joined at their hips in most of the Instagram images. The couple share images of them on Instagram quite regularly and they seem quite adorable as well. They had featured together in her YouTube videos. Since David is a trainer, he has an amazing body. This is often showcased by Ashley on her fashion videos for her male fans. He has taken interviews with Ashley about fashion ideas well. This has made the couple quite famous over the last few years.

BestDressed’s Family

Ashley has always been a very shy kid. She is close with her family but this did not stop her from getting bouts of depression and manic episodes. She has stated in many of her videos that she had suffered from Anorexia from a very young age. 

Currently, she is receiving treatment for this disease and hopes to recover from this as soon as possible. Her parents have described as a child who has never given them much trouble and managed to live her life on her own accord. They are very proud of Ashley and quite supportive of what she is doing at the moment.

BestDressed’s Educational Life

Ashely or BestDressed, has a set of influential parents. One of them has a PhD in Chemistry, and the other in physics. She also has an elder sister. The family had to move to Ellicott City, Maryland, when she was very young. Most of her educational life was spent here. 

BestDressed had completed her high school education within the right time and also got her degree in film from UCLA. She had even posted an image on her Instagram from her graduation day, mocking the system of education which always gives depression to the students.

Personal Details of BestDressed

Place of BirthThe United States of America
Birthday, Date of Birth4th May 1998  
Real NameAshley  
EthnicityEnglish, Burmese, Chinese  
ReligionNot Known  
Sexuality  Straight
Color of eyesBrown  
Color of hairBrown  
Net Worth$1 Million  

Body Measurements of BestDressed

PhysiquePretty and Slim  
Height5 feet and 5 inches or 165 cm  
WeightNot known  
Bra SizeNot known  
Body MeasurementsNot known
Breast SizeNot known
Waist SizeNot known  
Hips SizeNot known
Shoe SizeNot known  
Dress SizeNot known  

BestDressed’s Professional Life

Talking about the personal life of BestDressed or Ashley, we can take a look at the images and vlogs which she shares on social media platforms. It is quite clear that she has appealed to the younger girls because of their knack for fashion tips. She has often provided ideas on social media which can help teenagers to follow high-end fashion without having to spend a lot of money. This has made her quite famous because her tips are very helpful and glamorous for their own good!

She does not put much glitter on her videos. She just suggests ideas that might go with your regular fashion ideas and add an extra set of glamor to them. Her spicy sense of humor also helps her in presenting the shows without any hitch. Her accounts are gaining rapid popularity because of her well-behaved name and good humor.

BestDressed’s Social Media Handles

BestDressed itself is the name of the YouTube account which is run by Ashley. She is quite adept in most of her social media accounts and has both professional and personal accounts on each platform. She has found immense popularity amongst girls because of her fashion tastes and her suggestions in this field. 

BestDressed has more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram for her professional account of BestDressed. She also has 87.5k followers on Twitter which is under the name. More than 3.79 people have subscribed to her on YouTube. Her other channel, BestMess, is also gaining rapid popularity.

BestDressed’s Rumors and Controversies

BestDressed is not associated with any kind of controversy till now. She has shared with herself that she suffers from an eating disorder named Anorexia, and she is trying her best to recover from this. 

Rather than getting trolled for this, she has received love and support from all of her fans. It is indeed great to see such a young girl rising with the trends of fashion and making these ideas open to everyone. Her life is indeed very adventurous, and it helps girls of her age associate themselves with her.

BestDressed’s Net Worth

BestDressed has been earning money through her online store and her YouTube videos. It is not known whether she has already worked in any of the collaborative projects yet. It is known for now that she has a net asset of about 1 million USD. BestDressed has already made a good fortune with the help of her social media accounts. It is for sure that she will earn more if she delves through the right paths.

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