Best places to shop nursing gown

Are you looking for a good breastfeeding nightgown because your baby is about to be born? Well, you came to the right place, because here I have the best models of pregnant nightgowns on the market, so you can buy the ones that best suit your needs.

It is important to note that this is an essential element, and you should always buy it before delivery, especially since you will start using it immediately. All moms should arrive at the hospital with their family matching outfits to ensure that they will always have great comfort.

So, if you are to be mom, I assure you that it is essential that you keep in mind that this is an element that you can use before giving birth to your baby.

Below are some Best places to shop nursing gown:


The Spanish brand sells under the umbrella of its ‘maternity’ line lingerie designed to breastfeed without complications. Bras with detachable cups, wide nightgowns with adjustable straps, robes, and even high-waisted briefs make up an affordable proposal made from organic cotton and high-quality modal fabrics; the most suitable both at this stage and during pregnancy (the firm also has a collection of maternity lingerie). White, gray, or pale pink are the stars of the group that, while defending basic cuts and finishes, maintains design and femininity by adding lace and small decorative details.


The British portal has a good selection of breastfeeding garments, both its own and those of other companies it sells. One of the strengths of Asos is that they design clothes thinking of all types of women: ‘curvy’, ‘petite,’ and, of course, also for pregnant women. Their selection includes basic underwear or T-shirts but also a wide repertoire of crossover dresses (some even perfect for attending an event or guest dress), two-piece sets, and blouses with trend details such as flared sleeves or ruffles. Its prices, following in the wake of those of its entire offer, are very competitive: none of the designs in the section exceed 60 Euros.

Mit Mat Mama

The Spanish Mit Mat Mama renews the genre every week and has ten physical stores spread between Barcelona and Madrid, in addition to the online one. Its real strength is in maternity clothes, but recently she has launched a line of specific dresses and T-shirts for breastfeeding. ‘Basic’ is indeed the best word to define your proposals –in plain colors and fabrics such as viscose or cotton–, but its patterns have a contemporary point. It is a ‘women for women’ company with more than 30 years of history and a clear philosophy: local production, sustainability, and comfortable and beautiful clothing for all stages of pregnancy.


The American firm revolutionized the network by placing the model Abby Brothers breastfeeding her baby in one of its campaigns. The brand, which does not have a specific line for upbringing, claimed its dresses as suitable for breastfeeding thanks to its generous necklines. Seeing a mother breastfeed dressed in one of her appetizing and sensual maxi dresses earned them the applause of the net. “Brilliant! One of the most difficult things is to find shirts and dresses that allow easy access to feed our little ones. Who knows if after launching plus size clothing or wedding dresses, they will cheer up with the maternity ones. Meanwhile, there is no doubt that the wide necklines and patterns of Reformation are also suitable for breastfeeding.


“We dress for women who are going to be mothers and also new mothers. For any occasion and always in style”, they say on their website. This firm, which belongs to the Bestseller group (the same one that is behind Vero Moda or Jack & Jones), has one of the best offers on the net to wear during this stage. Store ‘nursing’ line includes dresses, tops, postpartum pants, lingerie, a line of basics that are sold two by two, and even a section of Nordic spirit designs (the brand is Swedish). The best of their proposal is probably the dresses with options for both day to day and special occasions for about 40-50 Euros. They ship to Spain, and neither ‘boring’ nor unsightly adjectives that go with it. 

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