Best E-Liquid Flavors You Need to Try

The enjoyment and satisfaction for vapers depend on the e-juice and specifically the flavor. Choosing the best e-juice flavor can be a daunting task, but it is worth all the effort because it will give you that excitement and fun you yearn for. There are so many e-liquid flavors on the market, but you need to find the one that will excite your taste buds.

Here are some of the best e-liquid flavours that you should give a try:

Havana by ePuffer

Although smoking Havana cigars is preserved for a few wealthy individuals, the Havana e-liquid offers you the opportunity to experience the rich premium Cuban cigars without pairing with so much money. This e-liquid flavour is a product of natural ingredients and fine tobacco essence. It comes out tasting like you are smoking real Cuban cigars.

You can hardly get enough of this product and you will keep coming for more thanks to the enticing taste. The flavour takes you back in time if you have ever tried cigars in the past, and at the same time allows you to embrace modernity. The great and rewarding flavour comes in various nicotine levels: 2.4% (24mg), 1.2% (12mg), and 0% (0mg), so you choose the one you prefer. It also comes in a nicotine-free option for those who do not want nicotine. With this flavour, you can get your nicotine dose while avoiding the carcinogens that result from burning tobacco while smoking or just vape nicotine-free. You should buy Havana eliquid and other flavours from reliable vendors and stores to ensure that you get quality products.

Murica by Vape Wild

Murica also goes by the names “Bomb Pop” or “Rocket Popsicle.” This flavour will make you relive childhood memories if you have ever heard or come across the red, white, and blue popsicles. The flavours of the popsicles are cherry, lemonade, and blue raspberry. The e-cig manufacturer who made Murcia did a fine job capturing these flavours so perfectly. The flavour is available in several VG/PG ratios, starting from 50/50 and up to the highest VG levels that are above 80%. The nicotine levels for this flavour range between 0 and 12 mg.

Peach Papaya Coconut Cream by Pachamama

The rich blend of peach, papaya, coconut, and cream is certainly one that excites your taste buds and leaves them wanting more. This e-liquid is well-refined and the flavour perfectly balanced with the peach flavour being the most dominant and the cream following closely behind. Although the cream and papaya are also present and noticeable, they seem to be there to complement the others. The peach-papaya-coconut-cream combination is amazingly delicious and is a must-try for fruity e-liquid fans.

Pineapple Shisha by ePuffer

Despite the emergence of many flavour combinations, regular flavours are still classic favourites for many vapers, so it is no wonder that both fans and non-fans of classic fruity flavours will most probably like ePuffer’s Pineapple Shisha e-liquid. This flavour is perfect for those who enjoy strong flavours with a hint of sweetness. It will also be great when sipping a glass of gin and tonic.

While the pineapple flavor is prevalent, the flavor experts from this leading e-cig manufacturer gave it a touch of island liquor, and you may not notice it unless you are an experienced vaper. The flavor is made from natural compounds to give the product high integrity.

You have a choice of various nicotine levels, and for now the available levels are 2.4% (24mg), 1.2% (12mg), 0.6% (6mg), and 0% (0mg). To experience the full pineapple e-liquid taste, it is advisable to use lower nicotine levels. This flavor is also a perfect starting point for new vapers because there are no unnatural tastes to annoy them and they can savor a classic flavor at their convenience before moving to stronger and more exotic flavors. What’s more is that this e-liquid is affordable, so you will most likely not exhaust your budget and can have some money left over to try other great flavors.


There are many great e-liquid flavors that you can try, and what you need to do is seek the help of the sellers and other vapers to try new flavors so that you can identify the best ones for you. Vaping is safer than smoking, but it has some side-effects like experiencing dry mouth and dizziness in the short term, and if you notice them, take a break from vaping and drink lots of water. Research is also ongoing for any long-term effects.

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