Bernt Bodal ’s Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

The music industry would never have flourished if there were no people who could uphold the integrity and strength of the songs which are written and sung every day. Bernet Bodal is one of the people who have decided to uphold the nature of the music industry and design measures that can be better for music composition. This strange business of his has helped many artists to find their voices. Let us get to know a bit more about him.

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Bernt Bodal’s Early Life

Bernt Bodal is based in Oslo. He is a Norwegian-American businessman and musician now but he did have a very interesting past. He was born on 14th June 1953. He was born in Oslo as Bernet O Bodal. His father had worked with the cable car operators as a conductor. Nothing is known about his mother’s profession but it is known that she is from Lofoten. 

There are several sources that have guaranteed this news. It has also been stated that his parents were divorced when he was very young. After this, his father took another wife named Solbjorg Bodal. The family had moved to the United States after his father remarried. He has two other siblings named Anders and Havard Bodal.

Bernt Bodal ’s Personal Life                 

Bernt Bodal had been married twice. This is quite strange because when he married his first wife, Elizabeth Bodal, in 1978, it seemed that they were joined for life. He was just 25 years old at the moment, but it seemed that they were deeply in love with each other. The pair had met in Lofoten, and then they moved to the United States of America. They also had a son named Thomas Bodal. 

With time, Elizabeth gave birth to a daughter, Ellen Bodal and Alexander Bodal. The couple had not mentioned the reason, but they had separated soon after the birth of the third child. After this, Bodal started to date TV actress Elizabeth Lyn Vargas. They did not have a child between them. The couple was divorced in October 2020. They did not mention their cause for separation.

Bernt Bodal’s Family

Bernt Bodal stated in one of his interviews that it is not easy being a child of divorce, especially in the 1960s. He had to face a lot of issues because of his parent’s separation. Moreover, he had to move to a new place after the divorce. Arguably, this was for his good, but it was still very difficult. He still shares fond memories with his family, but he also states that his past had a bitter start to it. Nevertheless, he is doing quite well now.

Bernt Bodal’s Educational Life

Bernt Bodal has not been much open about his educational life. He mentioned that he had graduated from Ski Norway High School, but that’s all the information that he has shared till now. It is for sure that he would have shared way more information if he did not have such high regard for his privacy. Bernt has not mentioned any kind of academic qualification other than his high school degree. It is possible that he might have dropped out of this kind of education in order to pursue his career in music.

Personal Details of Bernt Bodal 

Place of BirthOslo, Norway
Birthday, Date of Birth14th June 1953  
Real NameBernt O Bodal  
ProfessionBusinessman and musician  
EthnicityNot known
NationalityNorwegian American  
Sexuality  Straight
Color of eyesDark gray  
Color of hairDark white  
Net Worth$200 Million  

Body measurements of Bernt Bodal

PhysiqueHandsome and Bulky  
Height6 Feet 1 inch or 185 cm  
Weight76 kg or 167.5 lbs  
Body MeasurementsNot known
Waist SizeNot known  
Hips SizeNot known  
Shoe SizeNot known    
Dress SizeNot known  

Bernt Bodal’s Professional Life

Bernt Bodal has a very colorful professional life. When his family had to move to the United States of America, he worked as a deckhand in one of the pontoons. This gave him an idea about the fishing industry. He spent 13 years in Alaska to learn about these fishing practices and this helped him to expand his own business. 

In 1990, Bodal joined American Seafood as a partner. He quickly rose up to his role and became the company leader in just 4 years. Bernt had decided to become a vocalist from a very young age. Sources have revealed that this dream of his became even more prominent when he traveled to America. It is known that he still acts as the lead guitarist and musician at the White Sox band. He has already collaborated with more than a few well-known artists like Eddie Vedder.

Bernt Bodal’s Social Media Handles

Bernt Bodal is not much active on social media. He does have an account on Instagram and Facebook. However, these accounts are private and one can see these only if they follow him. This has turned out to be the best way to secure his privacy. Bernt Bodal does not respond much to any of his posts and he does not post enough as well. He belongs to an older generation which is not much excited about his social media presence.

Bernt Bodal’s Rumors and Controversies

Bernt Bodal had been in the industry for a long time. He had been married twice and this could have developed some juicy gossip with time as well. However, he has been very careful about his personal life and managed his best to keep professional and personal matters separate. There are no such rumors which could harm his personal and professional character. He seems to be quite content with his life. He is very close with his rock band friends and often posts images together.

Bernt Bodal ’s Net Worth

Bernt Bodal has a huge set of assets in his collection. He mentioned that he possessed almost 200 million USD in his collection when he started to flourish in his business. He is 68 years old at the moment. It is possible that he will gain even more riches with upcoming time because of his business. 

Bernt might not have secured any awards till now but it is for sure that he has amassed a huge amount of wealth without any question. It is also possible that he will win his pending award nominations in the upcoming years. 

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