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Bernard Goldberg, full name Bernard Richard Goldberg is also known as Bernie. He was born on the 31st of May in 1945. Bernard, his a multitalented political pundit who is also a professional author and journalist. Moreover, there are tons of records that Bernie sets up in his entire career. He is one of the most renowned and potent television reporters.

Bernie has several fascinating awards in his showcase due to the exceedingly brilliant journalism. He has 14 Emmy awards, and he the only above-board journalism. He majorly won representing the HBO channel as he won 8 Emmy at HBO, six at CBS. Rather than being a professional journalist, he also writes books, and all the books have been the best sellers.

Early life

Bernard Richard Goldberg was born on the 31st of march in 1945 in New York. Bernie completed his primary education at Rutgers University, and he was quite good at academics. Bernie always had an opinion on every social issue. He was first to say that racism is a criminal offence, and it was a long time ago when he made his statement. Moreover, he decided at a very young age that he pursue his profession of journalism as a full-time career.

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Beginning of his career

Bernie began his career as a producer of the CBS news channel, and later, he shifted his commands to journalism. He was one of the most successful journalists that CBS news could ever get, as he was the only journalist who acquired six Emmys while reporting at the CBS news channel. He was the primary reporter of the CBS news channel’s evening shift. Although he was a journalist, he bells the cat by hosting two documentaries with excellence.

The author writes four books, and all of them were the number one bestsellers in New York. The first book of Goldberg was published in 2001, and the book’s name was A CBS insider Expose How the Media Distort the news. As mentioned ahead, all of his books were New York best sellers at the time they were published, and he narrated that he is going to expose the reality of media with his books.

As mentioned, there are 14 Emmy that is won by the American journalist Bernie. He won six Emmy awards at CBS, whereas he won 8 awards at HBO. He is currently working for the Real sports channel and has done some wonders on that channel, also.

Later he published two books in the year 2003 and 2005, respectively; just after the release of his two books, he received tons of awards for being the most prestigious journalist. He is the only journalist to report at both HBO and CBS on a singular topic. There are tons of documentaries that are hosted by the Goldberg in the past. The documentary Do you believe in miracles won the Emmy award as the documentary was hosted with immense excellence.

Net worth 

The net worth of the American journalist is $5 million.

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