Berleezy Net worth, Career, Personal, and Early Life

The real name of Berleezy is Berlin Edmond. His birthplace is California and is born on 16 December 1992. The name of Berlin’s parents is not revealed, and information about his siblings is also not present on social media. According to the media, he has one sister. He sometimes includes his mom in his YouTube videos now, and they both show great bonds with each other.
Berlin was not interested in studies or good at studies in his early life. He even does not know what he wants to become in the future. He is a fun-loving guy with a creative mind and great human. There is no other information available about his early life activities. He spent his early life with his sister.

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Berleezy Personal Life

Berlin never shares any photos with his girlfriend or never talks about his relationship with anyone. He is currently single. According to the media, Berlin dated two girls in the past but never talked about them. In Q & A of 2018, he answered that his future girlfriend could be a gamer because he likes someone with a good sense of humor and funny nature. The name of his Exes is not revealed, and he never accepts that he dated anyone in the past.

Berleezy Family Life

He has a supportive family, but the name of family members is not revealed. He only introduced his mother to his YouTube channel and sometimes made videos with her, like reaction videos and much more. According to the rumors, his father is a businessman, and his mother is a housewife. Information about his sister is also not available. He has a very sweet family who always supports him and gives him a chance to follow his dream of making YouTube videos. He is very attached to his mother.

Personal Details of Berleezy

Place of BirthCalifornia, USA
Birthday Date of BirthDecember 16, 1992
Actual NameBerlin Edmond
Color of eyesDark Brown
Color of HairBlack
Net Worth$141k

Body Measurements of Berleezy

Height6 feet 5 in or 195.5 cm
Wight90 kg or 198.5 lbs.
Chest SizeNot Known
Body Measurements43-29-40 inches 109.22 – 73.66 – 101.6 cm
Body SizeNot Known
Waist sizeNot Known
Hips sizeNot Known
Shoe size7.5 (US)  or 7 (UK) or 40 (EU)
Dress SizeNot Known

Berleezy Educational Life

Berlin started his journey of education at a local school in California. He joined BSU College to complete his graduation. He chooses the English language with literature for graduation. He completed his studies in 2017. He is not much into studies, and he never decided what he wanted to be in the future, but in the end, he chose YouTube as his career.

Berleezy Professional Life

Berlin named his YouTube channel Berleezy and launched the channel in 2012. He started making videos in 2013. In starting, he posts a different variety of vlogs, and most of them are funny. He also started the Exposed series. The exposed series include the roasting of fictional 00caharters funnily. He uses a great sense of humor to roast the character.

He started making videos with his mother where he talked about interesting facts and shared different life stories with his mother. In 2016 he made a video featuring another well know YouTube comedic artist of Filipino. In 2016 he launched his second YouTube channel, and he started posting gaming-related videos, like a video of a conjuring house.

Berlin also has a third channel, which he made in 2019. His first two channels are the most popular and have subscribers in a million. Views and likes also came in a good amount on that channel’s videos. Berlin is also the founder of EEZYGANG. He sells amazing accessories and clothes. The members of his band are also very popular.

Berleezy’s YouTube Life

Berlin is mostly active on YouTube than any other social media platform. Berlin has three YouTube channels. On his first channel, he posts funny, interesting videos, like vlogs, reactions, and much more. He has followers of around 2 million on his first YouTube channel. On the second channel, he only posts videos related to gaming, and that channel also has subscribers of around 2 million. The third channel is followed by more than 209k people and has more than 8 million views.

Berleezy Musical life

People can see the saved playlist of Berlin on his YouTube channel. He has great taste in music and has a collection of good music. He never uploads any video of singing his favorite song, and he also never talks about his interest in singing, but yes, he like listing to some particular songs. In the future, maybe he can talk more about his musical life.

Berleezy Social Media Handles

Berlin is very famous on social media platforms. His 2 YouTube channels have subscribers of around 2 million, and he also gets a good amount of views on that channels. He mostly posts on YouTube. He always came up with great content on his social media handles.

He has more than 1.3k followers on Twitter. On Instagram, he has around 900k followers. He posts photos of his brand and shares amazing videos and photos of himself on Instagram. His fans also made accounts of him on different social media platforms.

Berleezy Rumors and controversies

Berleezy is s a fun-loving guy; he always stays away from controversies that can affect his career. One rumor about him is that he is a guy, but after his Q & video, this rumor came to a fake rumor. There is no other big rumor or controversy about Berlin.

Berleezy’s Net Worth

Berleezy earned from a different resource. He earned from his 3 YouTube channels and also earned from his brand of clothes and accessories. Their current total net worth is around $141k, and he is still focusing on his career to increase his total net worth.

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