Beretta full name is Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta, an Italian firm known to manufacture and supply guns and other firearms. Moreover, the company’s firearms are popular worldwide, and the army and civil services majorly handle the firearms. Berretta is one of the traditional firearm manufacturers who have been making firearms since 1526. The company is in the business for almost five years and which is a remarkable number

Moreover, there are plenty of other products that are manufactured by the company Beretta, and some of the used products are shooting gears like jackets, glasses and other clothes. The firm has supplied firearm to the European countries in any war scenario for a long time and is still in business.


The inaugural product of the firm was arquebus barrels in 1526. The company is still under the same family for the past 500 years; it is not that simple to maintain such type of legacy and consistency for this amount of time. In 1918 the company launched the first submachine gun named Beretta Model; majorly, the firearms and firearms were manufactured for the Italian armies and civil services like police, defence and many others.

The berretta company’s growth was unstoppable as they formed rifles and pistols after few years of the launch of submachine guns. Berretta was the only company that supplied firearms to the Italian army in World War II. However, the company went through ups and downs in 1945 as the company was ceased by the Germans, this overall affected the productivity of the company immensely, and the quality of weapons also disappeared

The company kept impressing other countries with the quality of their firearms. Moreover, Beretta 92 was elected as the finest handguns in the year 1980. The company later had some downfall in sales as there was immense chaos in the market due to the introduction of some of the renowned brands like Franchi, notably and many other domestic firms


There are tons of reasons why Beretta is one of the most traditional and famous companies of firearms, but one of the most prominent reason is innovation and enormous variety. There is a wide variety of product that is manufactured by the company, machine guns, handguns, assault rifles and many other products are manufactured by the company.

As mentioned, there was immense chaos in the market in the late 80s due to the introduction of some firearm manufacturer company in the field. Beretta is now the sole owner of these companies. Manufacturers like Franchi, Benelli, Tikka and many more fall under the Beretta firm.

The company have manufactured some of the evergreen products which are being utilized by many arm forces around the globe. The United States of America is still the primary firearms manufactured by the beretta company. Saucer further replaced the most popular sidearm M9 in the year 2019

Net worth

Beretta is one of the most famous firearm manufacturers, and the net worth of this 500-year-old company is 841 million dollars.

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