Benefits of using Facebook and Twitter as social media platforms for marketing

A well-planned Facebook marketing can assist an organization in reaching its target audience more effectively. Facebook has been a dominant social media platform for many years, and its main advantage is that it has the highest number of users when compared to other social media platforms. At its inception, Facebook was intended to facilitate communication with family and friends. Over time, Facebook has changed into a platform for marketing products and services. 

One of the most appealing features of Facebook as a marketing tool is that it provides massive exposure to a large audience. Currently, Facebook has over 1.2 billion customers from all over the world. The number of people who actively visit Facebook on a daily basis is slated to reach 1.37 billion people. Therefore, some of the people who visit Facebook may not have active account on the platform. For a small firm, Facebook offers immeasurable business opportunities for connecting with clients. If the business has implemented e-commerce, potential customers can find information on Facebook’s pages and proceed to purchase the products and services being offered by the firm. Even for firms without e-commerce, Facebook enhances the firm’s visibility, making customers more aware of the products and services it provides. In terms of entrepreneurship and economic development, Facebook boosts the success of the business by boosting sales as it gives the business exposure to global clients. Thus, the business gains additional revenue, which results in enhanced economic development.

Another important feature of Facebook as a marketing tool is that it is has low marketing expenses. Small firms may be facing financial constraints that prevent them from launching marketing campaigns to boost their products. However, Facebook enables businesses to create webpages free of charge. The webpages can accommodate a variety of products. this way, potential customers can access information about product offerings via Facebook. Also, Facebook provides ads where businesses can target specific individuals who fall within the potential market and push the ads to them. Facebook ads are relatively inexpensive, and they have a high success rate as they target individuals that fall within the market demographics, making them more likely to purchase the company’s products and services. In this way, Facebook creates efficiency in the marketing strategy by incurring low costs. Facebook has the ability to target potential customers that are more likely to respond favorably to the firm’s products. 

Thirdly, Facebook promotes engagement with potential customers. This way, it enhances entrepreneurship as the business can gain insight into customer preferences and modify product offerings to correspond with customer demands. For instance, in the event that the firm has launched a new product, it can provide new product information on its Facebook page, which facilitates communication with potential clients. Customers intending to gain information on specific product attributes gain prompt responses on their queries. Facebook also facilitates customer engagement, and it can be used as a form of business research. An organization can gain insight into changes in consumer preferences, which leads it to introduce new products that will fulfill the demand. The constant engagement with customers provided results in the introduction of products that are aligned with market demands. In this way, the firm’s entrepreneurship is enhanced as it introduces innovative products that address market needs.

Twitter is effective as a marketing tool due to its outreach. As a social media platform, Twitter is different from Facebook as users are only permitted to post brief messages to a maximum of 140 characters. However, Twitter enables a firm to monitor information more easily. Up to 500 million Tweets are sent on Twitter each day, which shows the extent to which the platform is popular among users. The business can use Twitter to publicize its product offerings. The most popular way is by starting a hashtag with the business name or product offerings. If the tweet is appealing, it can be shared among many users, which consequently assist in providing information regarding the business and its products. 

As a social marketing tool, Twitter is cost-effective, making it a valuable asset to entrepreneurs. Using Twitter is also free, and the business need not use high marketing costs in marketing its products via Twitter. However, the tweet needs to be catchy so that it can be appealing to many users. For instance, the firm can utilize Twitter to determine what people are saying about it. By tracking the number of users who have mentioned the business name, the firm can determine its perception among Twitter users. This way, the firm can respond more effectively to users’ concerns. A case in point is where a customer is complaining about the poor service she received at a restaurant. The restaurant can track its name by running a search, and in this way, the customer service department can address the issue and attempt to salvage the situation by apologizing or providing free perks to make up for the poor service. In this way, Twitter enables the entrepreneur to respond promptly to negative feedback that would hurt its reputation.

Many businesses may be hesitant to use Twitter as it has a lower number of users. it has approximately 330 million users around the globe, and it has character limits, which restricts the scope of content posted by users. Studies indicate that every Twitter user has the potential to earn the firm $110 while every visitor visiting a Twitter account is worth $0.62. In addition, more that 50% of Twitter users indicate that they purchased a product the saw on Twitter. The numbers highlight the effectiveness of Twitter as a marketing tool. Businesses use Twitter to gain information on industry trends. The business can monitor trending topics to find information on unique trends and events. The firm can gain information in changes in customer preferences and use it to introduce new products that will align with customer tastes. In addition, Twitter can be used as a way of finding new employees. A firm can use Twitter to spread word on job vacancies. Twitter contains a large number of potential workers, which enables the organization to get qualified and highly competent workers. In this way, the firm benefits by incorporating highly skilled workers that spur innovation, leading to the creation of unique products that provide it with competitive advantage over its rivals.

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