Ben Carlin’s Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life

YouTube is indeed one of the best places where you can find out about everything. It is filled with entertaining videos and the proper guide to know about the working of several appliances around you. Several people have made proper use of this platform and made sure that they earn a large number of fans with their antics. Ben Carlin is just another one of them. He is a YouTuber who makes videos that are related to movies. Let us get to know a bit more about him.  

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Ben Carlin’s Early Life

Ben Carlin was born on 25th October 1989. He is just 31 years old at the moment. He was born in USA. There are not many details about the place he was born but we do know that he is very close with his brother whose name is Jonathan. His parents are Mary and John Carlin. Jonathan Louis Carlin is his elder brother. The two seem to be very close. They produce videos on YouTube together and to date, no feud has ever broken between them.  

Ben Carlin’s Personal Life                 

Ben Carlin has a very successful personal life. He is married to his long-term girlfriend, Alyce Haynes in the month of January 2020. He was engaged to her in 2019 and they had a very beautiful Disney-themed marriage. This is understandable because he is such a movie geek that his wife had put up with the fantastic ideas that came to his head. Even Jonathan is married to his long-term girlfriend Beth. The couple was already married by 2015 and gave birth to their first child named Luke in the year 2017. They also have a set of twin boys, Nick and Nate who were conceived in 2020.

Ben Carlin’s Family

Ben Carlin seems to have had a happy childhood. His parents were happily married and he was very close to his brother who is just two years older than him. It is for sure that the two siblings have spent a lot of time together and the development of the plan for the YouTube videos is the brainchild of both of them. He seems to be quite content with his family life. Although he doesn’t share much about his private times with his family, he gives off a very happy vibe which proves that he must have a contented family living.

Ben Carlin’s Educational Life

Ben Carlin is a very educated person. We do not have any of the details of his educational life before college. He has not shared the details of his high school education. It is quite apparent that he wants to keep that part of his life private. We do know that he had attended Radford University and he pursued a degree in Business Marketing. He also has a degree in Management. Although the two brothers do everything together, we have no idea about the educational qualifications of his brother, Jonathan.

Personal Details of Ben Carlin

Place of BirthThe United States of America
Birthday, Date of Birth25th October 1989  
Real NameBen Carlin  
EthnicityNot known  
ReligionNot known  
Sexuality  Straight
Color of eyesHazel  
Color of hairDark Brown  
Net Worth$265k annually  

Body Measurements of Ben Affleck

PhysiqueTall and Handsome  
HeightNot known  
WeightNot known  
Bra SizeNot applicable  
Body MeasurementsNot known  
Breast SizeNot known  
Waist SizeNot known  
Biceps SizeNot known    
Shoe SizeNot known  
Dress SizeNot known  

Ben Carlin’s Professional Life

Ben Carlin started his journey on the YouTube platform in 2012. Initially, they posted random vlogs and later shifted to content that was related directly to movies and videos. The channel named “SuperCarlin Brothers” gained immediate popularity because of their fresh take on the movies. They received more than 100k views on each of their videos. 2.1 million Followers get to their channel every day as they have subscribed with notifications.

The brothers are movie geeks and they are very ardent Potterheads. They quiz each other on Harry Potter facts and theories. This has made them even more popular among the fans of the younger generation. They have worked on the movie franchises of Star Wars, The Last Airbender, and even the Pixar movies which have just been released. They do a great job in most of their videos while going through the facts and making their fans laugh simultaneously.

Ben Carlin’s Social Media handles

Ben Carlin is quite famous on social media. He has 79.2k followers on the Instagram platform and about 52k followers on Twitter. As we have mentioned before, he has a huge following on YouTube. He is an interactive person. The verbatim mediums which he has used to talk with his fans are quite great. He has been a successful person because of his fans and doesn’t forget it ever. His brother, Jonathan has a similar nature which makes them so compatible together.

Ben Carlin’s Rumors and Controversies

Ben Carlin along with his brother has managed to stay away from all kinds of controversies. The Carlin brothers have married the loves of their lives and they seem to be very content with the life they are leading. They are on perfectly good terms with each other and often research movie materials together. They also appear on most of their Instagram pages as siblings who work together. Their clean nature and distance from scandals have made them even more famous among their fans.

Ben Carlin’s Net Worth

Ben Carlin along with his brother Jonathan Carlin are the two most popular YouTubers across the internet platform. They have 100k subscribers on their channel and also a gold play button because they have surpassed 1 million subscribers.

 The net worth of the brothers is not yet known but we do know that he makes about 265k USD at an annual level. He has not received any kind of brand endorsement till now although he is quite popular. It is possible that he will start to receive orders sooner and earn even more money than he is at the moment. 

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