Becky Rosso Net Worth, Career, Personal, And Early Life

Disney has indeed given us so many memories which made us cherish our childhood days. Shows like Hannah Montana and The Suite Life with Zack and Cody were with us in our childhood days and we never really got the hang of these shows getting over. Have you ever wondered what happened to the teenage actors of these shows later? Let us get to know about one of them, Becky Rosso. 

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Becky Rosso’s Early Life

Becky Rosso was born on 6th July 1994. She was born in England. Later she moved to The United States of America and gained its nationality as well. She seems to have a successful career in the United States of America. She has not shared much about her family in England. We have no information about her family. Her real name is Rebecca Rosso but she goes by Becky because it is way more fun-loving and cute! Through the posts she has shared till now, we come to know that she was always interested in acting. It is with growing time, she gave rise to her career in acting and modeling. 

Becky Rosso’s Personal Life

Becky Rosso dated Dylan Sprouse in 2008. Both of them were quite on the top of their career during this period and they seemed to match well as a couple. But the two of them were very young and they did not last long. 

After this period, Becky Rosso started to date Cole Sprouse, Dylan’s twin. The relationship did not last for more than a year. According to the information that we have gathered till now, it is quite clear that Becky Rosso is indeed straight but it is probable that she is single. 

Becky Rosso’s Family

Becky Rosso has not shared many details about her family till now. We do know that she has younger sisters. She grew up with three sisters Bianca, Georgina, and Lola in the city of Los Angeles. Moreover, she also has a twin named Milly Rosso who is older than her by just 1 minute. Both of them started their career at the same time. 

We know nothing about their parents till now other than the fact that they have created a family of sisters who are still bound to each other in love. Being twins, Milly and Becky seem to be joined at the hip in terms of their bonding and friendship. The three other sisters are also doing quite well for themselves in the cutthroat world of competition. 

Becky Rosso’s Education

Becky Rosso was known as Rebecca Rosso when she was in her schooling days. We have no idea whatsoever about her educational life. Since she shifted from England to Los Angeles, she may have completed a part of her education in England itself. 

Since we have no information about her parents till now, we have not been able to inquire about her educational life. However, since she desires her personal life of education to be a secret, we should respect her privacy and allow her to do so. If Rebecca is ever ready to share this information with her fans, she will definitely do so without us instigating it. 

Personal Details Of Becky Rosso

Place of BirthEngland
Birthday, Date of Birth6th July 1994  
Real NameRebecca Rosso  
EthnicityNot known  
ReligionNot Known  
Sexuality  Straight
Color of eyesGray  
Color of hairBlonde  
Net Worth$1 to 5 Million  

Body measurements Of Becky Rosso

PhysiquePretty and Slim  
Height5 Feet 7 inches or 170 cm  
WeightNot known  
Bra SizeNot known  
Body Measurements34-23-31 inches (or) 86.36 -58.42 – 78.74cm  
Breast Size34 inches (or) 86.36cm  
Waist Size23 inches (or) 58.42cm  
Hips Size31 inches (or) 78.74cm    
Shoe Size7 US  or  5 UK  or 37.5 EU  
Dress Size2 US or 6 UK or 34 EU  

Becky Rosso’s Professional Life

Becky Rosso started her career with the Disney production, The Suite Life with Zack and Cody. She played the role of Jessica in that show and she became quite famous. Becky Rosso had never had to look back on her career when she finally landed the role and worked for at least two years on the set. 

Later she got to work in another TV series named Suburban legends. With this on the line, she has participated in other television shows. There are web series that cast her in important side roles and she made quite an impression with these. Finally, she landed a role in Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon as well. She is continuing her work in different dramas even now but her choice of roles has changed drastically over the last few years. 

Becky Rosso’s Social Media Handles 

Becky Rosso belongs to Generation Z. She is often seen posting images of herself or her shooting images on social media platforms. As of now, she has a mass following of 1.4k people on Twitter. She also has 23k followers on Instagram and 15k followers on Facebook.  

Becky Rosso’s Rumors And Controversies

Becky Rosso is one of the most diplomatic actresses of her time. She has stayed away from all kinds of controversies over the past few years. She has often mentioned in her press releases that she is more interested in keeping her career and personal life clean. That is why she has never entertained anything in her life which might lead to any kind of scandal or controversy. 

Becky Rosso’s Net worth

Becky Rosso is quite secretive about her total worth. She has not shared much information but from the information that we have amassed, her net worth should be between 1 to 5 million USD. She does not have children from any of her relationships till now and is free to work as she desires. Her credits as an actress have never gone below 4 and she is always ready to explore better roles. All of these indicate that she will be earning way more wealth in the upcoming days. During her work in different dramas even now but her choice of roles has changed drastically over the last few years. 

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