Bazza Gazza Net worth, Career, Personal and Early Life

Bazza Gazza’s real name is Bordey Rogan De Meur, but he is famous for the Bazza Gazza name. The great YouTuber was born in 1997 on February 1st. He is an Australian man and has lived in Australia since his early life. There is not much information about his parents, siblings, or the activities he liked to do in his childhood.

He is a good gamer currently, so we can assume that he loved gaming in his childhood. He is also a successful person, which also tells that his parents raised him very well. There is no other information about his favorite game in childhood, about his friends, or any other thing he liked to do in his childhood with his parents.

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Bazza Gazza’s Personal Life

Youtubers are keeping their personal lives secret or showing a single status in front of the media. There is no information about his affairs, ex, or current girlfriend in the media. He is not married yet, or not with someone currently. He likes to keep his profile clean from relationship status. He also rarely gets into any rumors of a relationship with anyone.

He sometimes posted pictures with his friends, who also included girls, but it never looked like any girl was a girlfriend of Bazza Gazza. He respects relationships and likes to keep things private. He never shared anything related to his family or his relationship, which shows that he is a private person.

Bazza Gazza Educational Life

Bazza Gazza never shared anything about his college or school life because he is a private person. The media assumes that he is a well-educated person because he is very knowledgeable, he knows how to use devices of the new world, and his behavior is also very professional. He is around 26 currently, and if he attempts university, he will not be a student currently because, at this age, most people complete their studies.

Personal Details of Bazza Gazza

Place of BirthAustralia
Birthday Date of Birth1997, 1 February
Actual NameBordey Rogan De Meur
EthnicityNot Known
Color of eyesBrown
Color of HairBrown
Net Worth$100k

Body measurements of Bazza Gazza

Wight68 kilograms
Chest SizeNot Known
Body MeasurementsNot Known
Brest sizeNot Known
Waist sizeNot Known
Hips sizeNot Known
Shoe sizeNot Known
Dress SizeNot Known

Bazza Gazza Professional life

He is currently a very popular gamer and is also popular for his streaming videos. He is mainly popular in Australia. He started his gaming video journey in 2015 and started playing games like CS: GO and more with other gamers on YouTube. He also likes to make overwatch videos on YouTube. Many big YouTubers like Zylbrad and others support him and help him to gain popularity on the YouTube platform.

 He got huge popularity when he played Fortnite Season 4 and 5 games with other YouTubers with the help of streaming. He also started streaming videos with their YouTubers who were famous, and subscribers of those YouTubers started liking his videos too. His most famous YouTube video has views of million, which is an Overwatch tutorial speedrun, and this video increased his followers on YouTube.

Now he is currently making Minecraft or Vrchat videos on his YouTube video channel. He did not receive any rewards, and he will not be nominated for any rewards, but according to his growth, he could be nominated for many rewards in the future. Now he is mainly focusing on his YouTube career and trying to make interesting videos for his viewers.

Bazza Gazza YouTube Life

Bazza Gazza is mainly active on his YouTube channel because YouTube is his career platform. It’s a platform where he can get more popular. He is attached to many big YouTubers on his YouTube channel. He has around 9 lakh on his YouTube channel and gets views more than a million in most of his YouTube videos.

Bazza Gazza also has two other YouTube channels. In one, he posts about his daily life activities and fun tasks. The channel with Bazza’s name is only for people who want to see his personal life and other things besides gaming. The second channel is BazzaLive; he does live streaming on that channel mostly and posts gaming-related videos on that channel too.

Bazza Gazza Musical Life

Bazza Gazza never shown any interest in music or music videos. He also never posts any music-related videos on his other social media handles, like Instagram. He only posted about gaming and gaming-related stuff. He also never shared his interest in any particular song because he does not like to share his things in front of the media. His fans also do not know about his interest in music videos.

Bazza Gazza Social Media Life

Bazza Gazza is mainly active on his YouTube channel than any other social media platform. He is a little active on platforms like Twitter or Instagram. On Twitter, he has a following of around 200k, and on Instagram, he has a following of around 178k.

He posted his photos sometimes on Instagram and also with his friends. He posted photos around 18 months ago on Instagram and has never posted anything in 2022. He rarely posts on any other social media platform because he is mainly active on YouTube.

Bazza Gazza Rumors and Controversies

He has a very clean profile and shares little things about his personal life. He also never did something which could hurt his fans or can hurt any other person’s thoughts. He only gets in one rumor when he posts a photo on Twitter of a girl and posts a weird caption. Many of his fans thought that the girl was his girlfriend, but in reality, that girl was Bazza Gazza, and he made himself look like a girl with the help of a Snapchat filter.

Bazza Gazza Facts

He is a very famous celebrity currently because people like his videos, and he comes as one of the stars of YouTube. He mainly belongs to Australia and also does streaming videos. He mainly started his career in 2015 and also liked to keep things private from the media.

Bazza Gazza Net Worth

In 2019, his net worth was around $100k from YouTube. He currently does not share his current net worth if it gets increases. The primary source of his income is only YouTube because platforms like Instagram do not give him money.

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