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The well-known and famous YouTube star is Bazamalam. He is a British YouTuber gamer with a channel named as 8-BitGaming. Along with his partner, 8-BitRyan, he vlogs about horror-related video games. Both are mainly popular due to their Five Nights at Freddy’s content. In addition, he is also known as the other Ryan on the web. His birthday is December 25, 1993, and he was born in England. Both D4rkFrame and him are well-identified for their Five Nights at Freddy’s content. August 2013 was the year when he launched his YouTube channel, 8-BitGaming. He is one of the thriving YouTube stars now. His birthday is on December 25, 1993, making him a famous person born on that day. An English-born YouTube star, he has amassed a fortune from the platform.

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Bazamalam’s Parents

In the West Midlands, he was raised by his lawyer father, whom he considered to be his sole parent. But the name of his parents still is not unknown. In addition to his mom, who was an auditor for a city broadcastings firm. In addition to him, he has an older and younger brother and sister, whose names are unknown. There is no information available about his race or creed, however.

Bazamalam’s Educational Life

His passion for soccer was soccer, which he played during high school. But he was never a good player who could frolic for the institute squad. Rather than work, he spends his extra time frolicking PC competitions with his mates and walking to live song concerts. A keen drummer, Bazamalam was a high institute band member, but the band broke up soon after graduating in 2012. 8 BitRyan originally wanted to join a college to satisfy his paternities but eventually decided to pursue a career in the internet industry.

Personal Details of Bazamalam

Place of BirthEngland
Birthday, Date of BirthDecember 25, 1993
Real NameRyan
ProfessionYouTube Star
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Color of eyesGreen
Color of hairDark Brown
Net Worth$1 million

Body measurements of Bazamalam

PhysiqueNot Known
Height5 feet 4 inches (or) 162.56cm
Weight55 Kilograms (or) 121.254lbs
Bra SizeNot known
Body MeasurementsNot known
Breast SizeNot known
Waist SizeNot known
Hips SizeNot known
Shoe SizeNot known
Dress SizeNot Known

Bazamalam’s Professional Life

The first step in Ryan’s career was launching his “8-BitRyan” YouTube channel in 2015 on March 18. It shows a description that reads: Welcome to my channel; my name is Ryan! The gaming content we provide covers just near every type you can imagine! As well as Bazamalam, Ryan uploads game content on YouTube, mainly fear games such as “FNAF,” “Geometry Dash,” and others. Nearly 600 million views have been recorded across all videos uploaded to the channel, with more than two million subscribers.

Additionally, Ryan and Bazamalam run a second YouTube channel, “8-BitGaming”. It launched on August 23, 2013, with the description “WELCOME TO 8-BitGaming!” It is run by two mates who are eager about gaming and provide joy to persons who relish it! This channel currently has more than a million subscribers. As a result of all their tapes joint, they have received 280 million views. They sync gaming data to the channel, similar to what they upload to their main channel.

Bazamalam’s YouTube Life

Additionally, he has 147k subscribers to his YouTube channel “Bazamalam” and 2.2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel “8-BitRyan.” He daily uploads his gaming videos to YouTube and some YouTube shorts to get in trend on the internet.

Bazamalam’s Social Media Life

There are over 21.3k followers on his Instagram account, “bazamalam,” and over 300 followers on his Twitter account, “@Bazamalam.” He daily posts selfies, photos, and game-playing short videos of him on Instagram. This will help his fan to get in touch with him on Instagram and get daily updates regarding the news, games, and other parties. 

Bazamalam’s Rumours and controversies

Ryan or Bazamalam is a person who doesn’t love to get into any rumors. As he is a YouTuber, he sometimes faces controversies from other YouTube, but it doesn’t have any effect on him. The rumors get automatically stopped after a while since he always avoids them. At the moment, he has a clean social media profile across all platforms. In addition, he makes carefully thought-out videos of playing games. It was a pleasure to watch him, and his fans did not spread nasty rumors about him. It didn’t give anyone a chance to spread rumors about him.”

Bazamalam’s Hobbies

A huge beast lover, 8-BitRyan loves all kinds of animals. As his best friend, he had a pet cat called Smithy, who passed away in September. As a farewell, 8-BitRyan posted a pic of him on his social media account. A sizable tattooed owl on his upper body stands out among his many tattoos. As he has numerous gym exercises every calendar week and trails a hard food plan, 8-BitRyan maintains a well-built figure. He often shares pics of his torso on Instagram. He loves viewing flicks starring Bruce Willis, Channing Tatum, and Angelina Jolie. It includes “Pulp Fiction,” “Dear John” and “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Birthplace of life.

Bazamalam’s Personal Life

The personal life of Bazamalam is characterized by heterosexuality and a loving relationship. A female by the handle of @bbychxrlie is his girlfriend on social media. When they are together, they are the favorite. He keeps sending her images of them. In addition, little information is available regarding his last marriages. In terms of lifestyle, Bazamalam prefers the low-key. Likewise, there are no beliefs or debates regarding this fact. A romantic relationship would not be as vital to him as avoiding discussion and focusing on his career.

Bazamalam’s Net Worth

Based on estimates of his net worth as of 2022, Bazamalam is worth about $1 million. Several of his online trades and two well-known YouTube channels affect his net worth. In contrast, no data about his home, vehicle, or other possessions are provided.

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